Sway Test

A Self-Testing Technique

This technique can be used to identify things that suport or stress our bodies.

1. Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Test barefoot or with flat shoes on. High heels are not recommended as they preset the body into a forward position.

2. Set the intention “I allow my body to communicate its needs now”.

3. Ask the body “Show me a yes, show me a no”

When relaxed and centred, the body will generally lean forward to indicate a yes or positive response, or lean back to indicate a no or a negative response. A neutral position indicates neither a positive or negative benefit.

4. Ask your body “Is this beneficial for me right now”

5. Hold the substance in one hand. Hold this hand over the heart centre where the thymus gland is located.

6. Become still and allow the body to relax and move in it’s own natural way.

By practicing this technique we are switching the body on to a new way of communicating and being heard.

Have fun with this!! Next time you’re out shopping, try it out.                             

  Test the best apples, milk, detergent or even shampoo for your body. Test artificial sweetners and see what response your body has.

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