One of my absolute favourites is the Emotional Stress Release (ESR) points. These points are super easy to find and have the most incredible and immediate effect. The BEST thing about ESR point activation is that it can be used for past, present and future events and can be done anywhere and at antime. What is interesting about ESR points is that when we pay attention to our natural behaviours you will notice that we instinctively holding these points.

Why do these points work?

When we are under stress, blood goes to the back of our brains (where memories of the past are located). But when a hand is placed on the forehead, blood moves to the front of the brain (Frontal cortext), where the capacity for “new choice and creative thinking” is located. Unfortunately, most of us use the front of the brain only 5% of the time. You may have noticed that when something bad happens, many people often slap their foreheads as an unconscious reaction. When a hand is placed on the forehead, within a very short period of time (often a few minutes), the person will be less emotional about the particular incident, and therefore less affected by it. If unpleasant emotions or tears appear, just keep doing it until you feel an improvement.

How do I use the ESR points?

ESR pointsUsing ESR is so simple and easy. All it requires is gently activating two points on the forehead with a thumb and two fingers until the stressful emotions subside. These points are located just above the eyebrows, directly in line with the pupil of the eye. Try not rush yourself during this process, and allow yourself plenty of time to really achieve the level of calm you desire.

ESR for past events. Use your memory to visualise the event as it happened. Allow the associated emotions to build by calling on all of the senses, then perform ESR. The next step is to visualise the experience as you would have liked it to happen. Continue to hold the points until relief is experienced.

ESR for present events. This is especially useful when you are with someone you are familiar with and you can hold the points during the event. Simple hold the points as the event unfolds.

ESR for future events. Visualise the future event as you imagine it happening. Allow the associated emotions to build, then ESR he visualisation. The next step is to visualise it as you would have it to happen. Continue to hold the points until relief is experienced.

This is one of the most powerful methods of reducing stress that can be done in just minutes. It originates from the The Touch for Health and consistently provides immediate and effective relief for ones self and others.

During a kinesiology session these points are held frequently to ensure the client remains calm and confident in the process of release.

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