Help Yourself. Anywhere, Anytime

There are many ways that we can help ourselves get through the challenges we may face in our day-to-day lives. I teach my clients a range of effective tools to gain more insight into themselves and make lasting changes. Many of these techniques are extremely simple and take just a few minutes to activate a calm and more centered self.

As a Kinesiologist my vision is to empower my clients and give them a range of tools they can use to help support their health and wellbeing. I encourage clients to view and use kinesiology as a preventative health care system. Regular energy balancing helps to keep the triad of health in balance. In between sessions, clients are encouraged to use DIY techniques to support and maintain their flow of energy. Using DIY techniques is very empowering and allows you to trust your own healing power and potential.

Some of the ones I teach and use are:


Sway Testing


Do you need more details about how you can support yourself at home? Simply click here to book a session.

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