The Benefits of Kinesiology

Nuturing and empowering women in motherhood

  • Connecting you with your truest essence as a calm, loving and inspiring mother
  • Clearing fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs in pregnancy, birthing and motherhood.
  • Preparing your body and mind for birth.
  • Healing physical pain and discomfort after birth.
  • Nourishing you, your baby and family with the correct foods and supplements.
  • Gaining self awareness to enable sustainable change in their lives.
  • Possible techniques may involve: Postural Stress release

    Emotional Stress Release techniques

    Attitude change

    Specific affirmations

    Scar reintegration

    Injury recall

    Sabotages programs

    Essential Oils

    Nutrition add or delete


    Language awareness

    Lifestyle modifications

    Timeline therapy

    Parts Integration

    Subconscious reprogramming

    Specific muscle and organ balancing

    The Professional Kinesiologist Practitioner database is the most comprehensive system of corrections available and is considered the gold standard and at the forefront of energy medicine. Your body through muscle monitoring feeds back the most appropriate techniques required for balancing. There is no guess work!!

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