Kinesiology is a gentle and non-invasive mind-body science. It is a proven, effective method that is grounded in the wisdom of both Eastern and Western traditions. It is completely natural and non -invasive, yet profound in its results.

A fundamental principle of kinesiology is that the body has innate healing energy and is always trying it’s best to care for itself. However, because of different stressors, there are often blocks to this healing capacity and the body may then require help in achieving this balance. The body has the wisdom to heal itself, and Kinesiology can access that information in order to assist the natural healing process. The answers truly lie within.

Kinesiology has two interrelated components that are central to its function and practice.

The first is manual muscle testing, which is a comprehensive bio-feedback system used throughout a Kinesiology session. Muscle testing is an information gathering tool or a communication channel that provides feedback about a client’s body function. Muscle testing taps into nervous system, subconscious mind and meridian system. Kinesiology bypasses conscious thinking processes to isolate underlying factors in one’s being, whether emotional, psychological, in the subconscious, the body or other levels. Stress in the body can be reflected in a muscles response, as the muscle is connected with the mind-body. The precision and accuracy of muscle testing ensures no guess work, no ‘opinions’, and no text book answers: only knowledge from within the client, and only knowledge that the client is ready to deal.

The second exciting component of Kinesiology is the holistic range of treatment techniques used to facilitate healing outcomes. Feedback gained from the body through muscle testing identifies the best solution to an imbalance.

Some of these include:

Spinal Reflex System

Acupressure PointsBach flower essences

Meridian Energy Flow

Neuro-Vascular System

Musculo-Skeletal Palpitation

Emotional Stress Release

Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies

Nutritional Support- supplements

Lifestyle Improvements, Exercise, etc.


Chinese Medicine Psychology: 5 element therapy

Brain function improvements with neurophysiological correctionsHealing Crystals

Postural assessment and body work

Essential oil therapy

Colour therapy

Sound therapy

Take home exercises

Ultimately, the client’s body provides the direction of treatment in relation to a client’s goal and according to its individual needs. In essence, Kinesiology promotes enhancement of your Whole Self.

View this Introduction to Professional Kinesiology Practice to learn more.

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