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My name is Attalia Egerton and I am an experienced Kinesiologist, Educator and Facilitator.

My Training

In 2012, I trained as a Professional Kinesiologist. Since then my practice has been slowly evolving, expanding and making room for me to express my own unique gifts. Kinesiology is skillfully woven with somatic meditation and breathwork. It’s exciting for me to be working in this way. Creating space for my clients to have a greater understanding of themselves, to meet themselves and the messages of their body in new ways and to invite in a full experience of life through the breath. It really does make my soul sing.

I offer seasonal retreats focusing to connection, growth and creativity. I am passionate about creating space where both woman and men feel safe, heard, seen and accepted as they are.

I am a mother of 2 gorgeous girls aged 8 and 5. I love my role as a mum and feel honored to be able to guide these two amazing beings in this life. Being a parent I understand the complex nature of raising children. In my own experience, the more aware we are of our own patterning and what drives us, the greater our choices become. Through this awareness we can connect with our authentic truth as parents. This is a gift for both ourselves and our families.

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I work with adults and children from my  clinic in Paraparap and I regularly facilitate retreats, workshops and meditation courses.  I own a beautiful home in Forrest Victoria where I offer these retreats and workshops. The Gathering House is located in Forrest and is available for hire via airbnb for groups.

My passions are all things creative. I am completely obsessed with ceramics both making it and buy it. I love Op Shops and Vintages store and feel very proud to show off a bargain and save something from landfill or the manufacturing of something new. I love being outside tinkering around on my property.

Recently I have started growing my own produce and foraging for things in the garden. I am learning more about how to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Mother Earth, so that rather than just taking I am giving. Our Eather is the Great Mother and she is generous with her beautiful bounty. In co creation with Mother earth, I have created a range of transformational essences that invoke the healing power of crystals, sound, affirmations and sacred symbols. These powerful blends align the body, mind and spirit to release stress, support sleep and enhance energy.

I live on land in a gorgeous town called Paraparap…said Para-parap. It’s a tricky one to say, I know. It’s the land of the black cockatoo. The medicine of this bird is about change and transformation so being located here, I feel this energetically supports the work I do with people. The bird life in this area is absolutely incredible, as are the sunsets. I am surrounded by nature and for me this is nourishment for my soul. I meditate daily, eat well and stay grounded through outdoor mindfulness activities. My best friend is my 10 year old Border Collie Albie. I love to listen to podcasts and find inspiration in the spoken word everyday.

Like you, I am ever unfolding as a human, transforming and renewing all the time. I am dedicated to my our healing journey and I am dedicated to yours. I look forward to walking this path with you.

PKP Kinesiologist
Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
NLP Practitioner
Primary Educator
Qualified Liquid Crystals Practitioner
Reiki Level 1 Practitioner


Additional Training

Senior First Aid

Registered with The Australian Institute of Kinesiology AIK.

Professionally insured by GSU

AIK-Ordinary Member-Logo 2012

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