I can’t thank Attalia enough for using her amazing gifts as a healer in the professional application of kinesiology – which I came to just 18 months ago .
In times of overwhelm -feeling stuck , feeling blocked, unable to move …restricted ability to discern.. to think and navigate through the issue at hand … a call to Attalia …
Attalia’s insight , her ability to empathise, her generosity with time …. and her outstanding professional ability to get straight to the underlying issue/s via the kinesiology tools she so skilfully uses has not once failed to dramatically relieve my stress/distress.
I experience unblocking , a freeing up on a physical mental , spiritual and emotional level …
The only way I can describe my experience is that an entire ‘ body/mind/spirit balance’ occurs … and this for me as I now live in another state occurs via a mobile phone FaceTime call.
Can’t say THANKYOU loudly enough Attalia.
Frances Kelly
Torrens Park SA