The Power Of a Morning Ritual

The power of a Morning Ritual Starting the day with a gentle self care ritual is a powerful way to nurture yourself and take ongoing responsibility for maintenance of your own inner world. It is the way to start the day in a mindful way. It is a positive way of entering the world afterContinue reading “The Power Of a Morning Ritual”

A Wound of the Spirit

Many of us have experienced deep and painful wounds, some so painful we have blocked them out of our conscious memory. This suppression mechanism helps to serve us by “controlling” the pain, but it does not stop the suffering playing out quietly in other areas of our lives. The body creates an automatic avoidance strategyContinue reading “A Wound of the Spirit”

Get out of your own way. 

The power of this is being unattached to the outcome.  I am a very creative person and will often have nights of creative energy flow where life just pours out of me. I create programs and packages, new protocols and crazy beautiful visions of my future.  My old strategy was to get really excited aboutContinue reading “Get out of your own way. “

How do you want to feel?

In my last post I mentioned our ability to choose our emotional state. When connecting with our vision of the future, it is essential that we align our dreams and desires with the matching emotional state. To truly elicit change this is a must! The ability to visualise what we want is not enough to then expect it to simplyContinue reading “How do you want to feel?”