I am enough

This core belief is fundamental to self love. It is when we truly love and accept ourselves that we return to our natural state. Our authentic self naturally expands and we stop ‘trying’ Every time we berate ourselves for what we should have, could have or must have done we devalue ourselves. It’s easy toContinue reading “I am enough”

Does your face help you relate?

“I feel guilty because my husband cooked me a beautiful dinner after a long day of work and all I could focus on was what herb was missing” These are the words of a client who in contrast to her husband focuses on the small details. The difference between this husband and wife is somethingContinue reading “Does your face help you relate?”

Language enhances or depletes vital life energy 

Yes language is that important. This is one of the CHEAPEST ways you can start to create change in your inner and outer word. Start today by ‘speaking’ the change you want to see in your world. Make a commitment to start languaging all of life, as you want it. Be consistent and determined inContinue reading “Language enhances or depletes vital life energy “

A Wound of the Spirit

Many of us have experienced deep and painful wounds, some so painful we have blocked them out of our conscious memory. This suppression mechanism helps to serve us by “controlling” the pain, but it does not stop the suffering playing out quietly in other areas of our lives. The body creates an automatic avoidance strategyContinue reading “A Wound of the Spirit”

Living Your Family’s Ancestry

Our lives are more than just the expression of our DNA and the way we were brought up by our parents. We are also subject to inherited tendencies that can be expressed many generations later. The body locks in energetic trauma, attitudes, food sensitives and beliefs that then manifest as imbalances in this life time.Continue reading “Living Your Family’s Ancestry”

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives

 Ask yourself:   What are the patterns of my life? What has reoccurred over and over again? Try to create a detailed list of significant events and experiences considering your work, social, family, financial and love life. Now attach a dominant emotion or emotions to each event or experience you have had. Remember these emotions areContinue reading “How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives”