Are You Willing to Receive?

I can do it myself!!! If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in the last 2 years I would be rich and many of you will have had the same experience with your toddlers. They’re determined to master a skill alone, even if anger, frustration and hysteria seemingly dominate theContinue reading “Are You Willing to Receive?”

Does your face help you relate?

“I feel guilty because my husband cooked me a beautiful dinner after a long day of work and all I could focus on was what herb was missing” These are the words of a client who in contrast to her husband focuses on the small details. The difference between this husband and wife is somethingContinue reading “Does your face help you relate?”

Language enhances or depletes vital life energy 

Yes language is that important. This is one of the CHEAPEST ways you can start to create change in your inner and outer word. Start today by ‘speaking’ the change you want to see in your world. Make a commitment to start languaging all of life, as you want it. Be consistent and determined inContinue reading “Language enhances or depletes vital life energy “

A Wound of the Spirit

Many of us have experienced deep and painful wounds, some so painful we have blocked them out of our conscious memory. This suppression mechanism helps to serve us by “controlling” the pain, but it does not stop the suffering playing out quietly in other areas of our lives. The body creates an automatic avoidance strategyContinue reading “A Wound of the Spirit”


We each wear masks that hide our authentic self.  These masks are the adaptions we have learned to fit in, to be acceptable. We have all looked for and found acceptance and validation outside of ourselves…it’s been safer that way.  We become the people pleaser, the rebell, the extrovert funny guy and life feels ‘ok’Continue reading “THE MASKS WE WEAR “

How do you want to feel?

In my last post I mentioned our ability to choose our emotional state. When connecting with our vision of the future, it is essential that we align our dreams and desires with the matching emotional state. To truly elicit change this is a must! The ability to visualise what we want is not enough to then expect it to simplyContinue reading “How do you want to feel?”

Making Gratitude A Daily Practice

An important part of my daily routine is to wind up my day with my gratitude journal. Each night I take a few minutes to sit and reflect on what has happened in my day, listing all the things I have to be grateful for. At first this may seem like a challenge, especially if your day hasContinue reading “Making Gratitude A Daily Practice”