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A Life in Retreat⠀

We welcome 2019 in with open arms asking not what we can get from it, but what can we give? ⠀

Our offering is here, and today I share it with you. ⠀

A Life in Retreat is a Wellness Experience that provides you and your closest girlfriends the opportunity to dance with the divine nature of allowing and manifesting. Time spent giving, time spent receiving. This retreat is the perfect integration of doing and being. ⠀

Set in the Otway town of FORREST and deeply rooted in Mother Nature you are invited to reconnect with the sacredness of everyday life and love the life you have. ⠀

Facilitated through meditation, movement and creativity. ⠀

Bookings are now open for groups of 6 friends to attend the first Life in Retreat experience offered over two days and two evenings in March, 2019

Early Bird Rate available until January 15. Full price there after. ⠀

Attalia Egerton is a professional Kinesiologist and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher based on the Surfcoast. “The way I serve my clients is to equip them with tools to support self -healing and meditation is a primary tool that is fundamental to growth” Developing a meditation practice creates space for self inquiry. To love the life we have we must first notice it. See it, feel it and truly be in it.

Creativity and Connection

A Life in Retreat is lucky enough to be supported by the amazingly talented Kirst Manger. Kirsty Manger of yumDESIGN Ceramics works from her home studio in Jan Juc, Victoria where she moved to in the year 2000 and began her “relationship” with clay.

Her work is made using various hand building techniques including coil building, slip casting and wheel forming.

Kirsty most enjoy’s “project” based pieces and commissions including public art, community art, tableware and more recently architectual ceramic tile murals, pendant lighting and basins.

Each piece draws on her love of nature and are designed to create a ‘sense of place’. They are art works, in that they are innovative and combine interesting forms with beautiful surfaces. The works are both functional and sculptural. They impart a sense of occasion and special significance, and create a “mindspace” for reflection and contemplation.

Conscious Movement

Emma Flick Yoga Teacher and Life Coach. With a passion for embodied practices Emma approaches yoga for an angle of care and consideration. Inviting her students to be present to there their direct experience in each moment, students are guided to move out of their head and deeply into their body and its wisdom. Emma is a qualified level 2 counsellor having studied social science with a coaching specialization. She has a background in personal training, and physical education. Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the retreat and we feel blessed she is offering her service to A Life In Retreat in March

Forrest Otway Escape is the beautiful location of A Life in Retreat during March.

Forrest Otway Escape is an idyllic 3 bedroom Holiday House set on a generous 3/4 acre block, surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife. It is here peace, serenity and privacy are in abundance. Space for yoga indoors and outdoors.

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Free Evening TalkDec. 3rd @ 7pm

This Free event is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the healing potential of Kinesiology.

You will hear about the depth and breath of what imbalances Kinesiology can support and the tools that this healing art employs to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit.

You will see kinesiology principles in action through live demonstrations.

It is also a chance to ask the questions you have been curious about.

  • How it works?

  • What it does?

  • What it doesn’t do?

  • Is it for me?

This is a relaxed, intimate event for the curious of mind and heart. It is for the person that wishes to explore a holistic pathway to healing and create physical, metal, emotional and spirtual balance in their life so they can achieve their full potential each and every day.

My gift to you………

All participants that attend this free evening talk will receive a complimentary Meridian Emotions DIY Balancing chart for at home use. This is especially supportive for managing the emotions throughout the “Silly Season”. 


Organic Herbal tea will  be served for your enjoyment. 

Check out for more information about Attalia and other upcoming events and products

I look forward to seeing you there.

Love Attalia XX


Connect, Explore and Awaken.

Tea Pic

Whole Self Kinesiology presents the inspirational Roxanna Minonna and The Oolong Tea Journey.

Roxy is ‘The Travelling Tea House’ and is here in May to share her knowledge and experience of traditional Tea Ceremony as a ritual for connecting to our own inner world.

Experience a morning of sipping and sampling the finest Oolong teas with an intimate group of connected women. Be gently guided through the ritual of traditional Tea Ceremony and awaken the senses to the feeling of quietness inherent in tea. Appreciating Tea in this way is said to be “Cha. Dao – The Tea Way or the WAY of TEA”.

  • Share in discourse and discussion around female energy and how Oolong Tea can be used to help awaken greater levels of consciousness.
  • Learn the various pouring methods to obtain the best taste and nutritional value.
  • Discovers the medicinal properties of Chinese Tea and how to tune into the right tea for you.
  • Create your own tea set to conduct your own tea ceremonies.

Come and let Roxanna and the Way of Tea work it’s sensual healing magic on you.

Teas served will be available to purchase in 75g and 150g packets.

More about Roxy……….

Roxy started out over 14 years ago when she created Dancing the Divine, a series of workshops, retreats and courses that she pioneered to facilitate women in accessing their authentic expression in life, beyond the mind and personality, direct from the divine. She believes that our sexuality and our divinity is one and the same, and when we access this eternal spring of life force and allow it to live through us, it naturally restores femininity in women.





Whole Self Kinesiology presents;
A Day for Women with Roxanna Minnona

This one day retreat is a gentle means of returning home to the Divine Feminine. It allows you to reconnect with their body and own energy through sound, breath, touch, movement and Yoni yoga – Bliss Therapy.

Yoni yoga is a healing of all of what it is to be a woman.

There is no nudity, genital touch or stimulation required. The process is guided through our connection with the breath, our internal awareness and sensitivity to our sublet energy in the body. A lot of the work is simply relaxing, not by removing tension, but by re-embrace orgasmic bliss! Orgasmic bliss is our life force energy, they are one and the same. Allowing this energy to move through the body has so many healing benefits and as a result, the tension falls away effortlessly, relaxation just happens.

Tensions held in the body is a way of keeping orgasmic bliss from arising, mainly because in our society nothing supports women in living from this blissful state.
Most of the work is just having the courage to be an orgasmic woman in a predominately fear based culture.

This Day is a place for women to come home to themselves, fill up, self nurture and begin to let go of any pressures or burdens that have disconnected them from their hearts and their most authentic way of being.

Testimonials: What others are saying about the Day for Women

“I am so profoundly shifted and cannot express how beautiful and centred I feel. I met my true self on the weekend after 30 yrs of searching outside mysefl – I can feel her power and grace deep within my core with passion and pride. You are an amazing woman and your work is a true gift to humanity. I would love to collaborate with you at some point in our journeys and know I am always here for you. I am so crazy grateful for this gift you have given me Roxy – that you were able to see through my mask and honestly hold up the mirror so I could see deeply within and reclaim her.
“I felt very happy during the time together because even the postures seemed easy to follow, they moved a lot of energy and ideas and experiences inside myself. ( in a very kind way).
I’m practising the “innocent” exercise that you sent: wow !!! It’s so difficult to stay in my body and feeling ( i’m always entertained with mantras, breaths, taught, fantasy , inner conversation, visualisation etc ) Thank you for letting me know how disperse I am within myself. It’s a good insight to make a shift. (Sandra, Argentina)

To ensure this experience is intimate and conducted in a safe and supportive space, numbers are limited so you are encouraged to secure your spot early.

PLEASE NOTE: No Experience Necessary
Date: Saturday the 9th of May, 2015.
Time: 9.30am -3.30pm
Where: Whole Self Kinesiology, Jan Juc.
Investment: $275 per person.


This will sell out, so book in now to ensure your place.

More about Roxanna Minnona.

Roxy is a mentor, facilitator and creator of
DANCING THE DIVINE 9 month Initiation Course

This journey facilitates women in accessing their authentic expression in life, beyond the mind and personality, direct from the divine. She believes that our sexuality and our divinity is one and the same, and when we access this eternal spring of life force and allow it to live through us, it naturally restores femininity in women.

Fresh from the Byron Bay Sprit festival for a short visit in May Roxy is offering a series of Traditional Tantric Tea Ceremonies and limited spaces in her Awaken the Divine 1 day retreat.

More details about the 9 month mentoring course which can be viewed at

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