How do you want to feel?

In my last post I mentioned our ability to choose our emotional state. When connecting with our vision of the future, it is essential that we align our dreams and desires with the matching emotional state. To truly elicit change this is a must! The ability to visualise what we want is not enough to then expect it to simplyContinue reading “How do you want to feel?”

Creating an Extraordinary Life: The Power of Vision Boards

Before I knew anything about vision boarding I used to write lists. I would write lists about places I wanted to go, things I wanted to experience and aspects of my life I wanted to change My lists were short and sharp and always motivated by the pain of what wasn’t working in my life.Continue reading “Creating an Extraordinary Life: The Power of Vision Boards”

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives

 Ask yourself:   What are the patterns of my life? What has reoccurred over and over again? Try to create a detailed list of significant events and experiences considering your work, social, family, financial and love life. Now attach a dominant emotion or emotions to each event or experience you have had. Remember these emotions areContinue reading “How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives”

Robert Emmons: What is Gratitude?

Robert Emmons discusses why practicing gratitude has a transformative effect on our social and emotional well-being. According to Emmons, ‘gratitude enriches human life. It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms. People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.” Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, is one of the foremostContinue reading “Robert Emmons: What is Gratitude?”

Making Gratitude A Daily Practice

An important part of my daily routine is to wind up my day with my gratitude journal. Each night I take a few minutes to sit and reflect on what has happened in my day, listing all the things I have to be grateful for. At first this may seem like a challenge, especially if your day hasContinue reading “Making Gratitude A Daily Practice”


Have you ever been prescribed a long list supplements and wondered if all of this is really what my bodies needs to heal? This is what happened to a friend of mine this week. After visiting a health professional with the primary complaint of low energy levels and frequent colds, she was prescribed an array of supplements…….15Continue reading “KNOW WHAT SUPPLEMENTS YOUR BODY NEEDS”