I felt unsafe, I felt insecure and I felt alone.

The intensity of these feelings are not my usual experience of the world, however what I am learning is that these may not show up in all their intensity every day, but their subtle energy pervades much of what do we….. or what we’re too scared to do. The simple intention to cleanse and balanceContinue reading “I felt unsafe, I felt insecure and I felt alone.”

The Base Chakra: My Chakra Journey

So today I begin my Root Chakra cleanse. It will last for a month and involves a beautiful array of practices that cleanse, transmute and restore energetic balance to my Root Chakra. This process combines the work of the inspirational and amazing Belinda Davidson. This amazing woman is the ‘Queen of Chakras’ and the founder of theContinue reading “The Base Chakra: My Chakra Journey”

The Chakras : My Personal Journey to Whole Self Healing. 

I’m excited because over the next 7 months I’ll be delivering to you a series of posts that focus on educating, inspiring and motivating you to create Whole Self balance through the 7 Chakras. The best thing about this journey is that it’s a personal one. You now have a front row seat, witnessing( ifContinue reading “The Chakras : My Personal Journey to Whole Self Healing. “

Are You Willing to Receive?

I can do it myself!!! If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in the last 2 years I would be rich and many of you will have had the same experience with your toddlers. They’re determined to master a skill alone, even if anger, frustration and hysteria seemingly dominate theContinue reading “Are You Willing to Receive?”