My Hashimotos Journey: Part 2

Ahhh pride…..a level of consciousness or filter, that has both light and shadow ways of expressing itself. At the beginning, I was demanding of myself wanting to heal fast. I changed my diet and immediately stopped eating gluten. I learned about ‘Molecular Mimicry’ (awesome big word and I feel super smart using it) and this is believed to explain how our immuneContinue reading “My Hashimotos Journey: Part 2”

Relationship Series: Letting Go

  Part One: Happily ever after…. Or not There are many reasons why relationships become dysfunctional and just as many reasons why we choose to stay when a relationship isn’t growing any more. The ability to let go and release someone we may have once loved can be hampered by some pretty powerful things. ManyContinue reading “Relationship Series: Letting Go”

Relationship Series: Mirror, Mirror

Our relationships are a mirror for the parts of ourselves that need healing. This is one of the most powerful beliefs you can have when you wish to create change in a relationship. Each person we interact with provides us with direct feedback about the aspects of ourselves that need integration.  When we are triggered by our partner,Continue reading “Relationship Series: Mirror, Mirror”

Every Problem of the Body Is Telling You Something

Whether it is physical, emotional or mental you are receiving a message that something needs to change.   Let’s look at some messages expressed as physical problems. So many of us struggle with back pain. Here are some insights about what emotional and spiritual aspects can be involved in these problems.   The Spine InContinue reading “Every Problem of the Body Is Telling You Something”

The Whole SELF HEALING Journey

Did you know The Whole SELF HEALING Journey is almost in it’s 3rd month! Some of the feedback so far…….. “I am absolutely loving this experience, I am so centered and grounded right now. I feel so blessed to be building a toolkit to help myself” “I love this ride! It’s been confronting at times, butContinue reading “The Whole SELF HEALING Journey”