How do you want to feel?

In my last post I mentioned our ability to choose our emotional state. When connecting with our vision of the future, it is essential that we align our dreams and desires with the matching emotional state. To truly elicit change this is a must! The ability to visualise what we want is not enough to then expect it to simply materialise. The two equally important steps are creating the state (emotion) and taking action.

Today we’ll explore the simple step of creating the state.

securedownloadTo start I’ll tell you a  bit about my experience with this. I once believed that the way I felt at any given time simply came and went independent of me… essentially I was a passenger on a bus that someone or something else was driving. I would be driven to angry town, lonely town, happy town and then tired town, sometimes all in one afternoon. Every day was different, and ultimately this created an environment where I never knew what mood I would be, nor did those around me. It wasn’t extreme, but enough for me to know something needed to change.

What I now know and believe, is that we can pick and choose the emotional state we wish to be in. I am the driver of my bus and I am responsible for how I feel minute to minute and day to day. It was only when I slowed down and really considered what came before the feeling, that I realised that I was doing ‘something’ to create them. With this ownership I felt a sense of command about how I could do thing differently and ultimately get a different result.

So let’s have a play with this… right now, I want you to try on the emotion of sadness. To do this you will probably go through a series psychological and physiological processes. For me my shoulders slump, my breathing becomes slow and shallow, and I create a picture of losing something I love. The cumulative effects of these factors create the deliberate state of sadness within me.  I could sit in this state for a while, but who wants too?! Sadness has it’s place in the world of feeling and I choose to feel it and replace it with something better serving right now.

Ok, so now shake it off and think of something totally different….. like flying to the moon on a banana!?  Now, try on the state of happiness. Just feel it…This time my body is filled with a buzzing energy. It works its way up my spine and sits around my ears. A smile comes across my face and I sigh and swallow with contentment. I sit in this state for a while basking in how good it feels. I am the creator of this feeling.

The simplicity of this self-experiment demonstrates the ease at which we can move in and out of emotional states. I see this as a process and one that is learned and practiced, so I make sure you have fun with it.

Enjoy this new technique for self awareness and positive change.

Creating an Extraordinary Life: The Power of Vision Boards

1004971d59eaf309d09643373f5fe2c1Before I knew anything about vision boarding I used to write lists. I would write lists about places I wanted to go, things I wanted to experience and aspects of my life I wanted to change My lists were short and sharp and always motivated by the pain of what wasn’t working in my life. I look back on some old lists now and see a strong and powerful pattern as to why things didn’t change the way I wanted them too. Back then I didn’t know that by only focusing on what I didn’t want in my life, I ensured that this was all I got…. more of what I didn’t want.

When I finally gained this awareness it changed one of the most significant aspects of my life….… relationships. In 2006, I wrote a long and detailed list of all the qualities and attributes I wanted in my ideal partner. I read my list daily and pictured the life and love I would have with Mr X. I was ready for change, so the action I took was to dump the old pattern of thinking, talking and picturing the type of man I didn’t want, and instead used this information to identify what I did want. This was the first time I had actively shifted my focus and the results were magical. In December that year I met my wonderful partner Luke, the man that ticked all the boxes and the provided the evidence I needed to know that focus is everything! I still have this list as a point of reference for one of my greatest accomplishments.Vision Boards

Today instead of lists I use a vision board. I believe that vision and action are everything. My board is a reminder of the pleasure I aim to create in my life both now and in the future. I use these images and words to know my outcome and then take action in achieving what I want. They’re a way of keeping me inspired, on track, and motivated. These days my vision board includes projections for my lifestyle, business and career, health, personal development and relationships. What I dream in my head, I create on my board and take action to see come alive. I have words and images that excite and inspire me and I position it in my line of sight so I see it throughout the day. I know that the only way I can make these things a reality in my life is by thinking about them, believing in them and taking action towards achieving them. It’s not enough to just hope they’ll become my reality.

How to create your own vision board

1. Define the key areas of  life that you wish to work  on.  These might include lifestyle, business and career, health, personal development, relationships and finances.

2. Take the time to really imagine what you want to manifest in your future. Find a quiet place and set your imagination free. What does your future look like, sound like, feel like?  Remember your imagination is “your own fertile field for growing any seedlings that you choose to plant for a future harvest”

3. You can use magazines to create a collection of things you will see in your future however, I love Pinterest for this. I print the pictures out and physically pin them to my board. It saves time and the range is amazing. You can also keep the pinboard digital if that works better for you.

4. Pin all your inspriation on a corkboard and hang it somewhere you will see it frequently. Mine is in the entrance of my robe. I want these images in my conscious mind all day, every day.

5. Every time you look at your board, consciously choose to create the emotional state that matches what you see. If being surrounded by loving, loyal and inspiring friends is part of your vision, create the feeling of being connected and loved within yourself and take it into your day.

Change is the only constant, so know that your vision boards will evolve. What you thought or felt was right for you one week, may be remove the next week. I always ask myself  ‘Does this desire fit into my life values?” This questioning keeps me on track, so I’m creating the life I truly desire…. Not the life I think I should be creating.

Find out next week about how to choose your state and truly take control of how you feel.

Your Chance to Win

Presentation1-001Are you ready to make 2014 your best year yet?

Right now, I am working with clients to assist them in creating powerful momentum towards achieving their most important 2014 life goals.

On the 31st of December, did you hope that this year would be different?

Did you create a wish list of the things that could be improved, like health, fitness or finances?

Are you now struggling to find the drive to achieve what seemed so important just weeks ago?

Today I am excited to offer 3 free sessions to 3 residents of the Surfcoast and Geelong community for the next 6 weeks.

Each package of the 3 X 90 minutes sessions is usually valued at $330 and is your chance to commit to change in 2014.

Achieving your goals doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice.

How to enter:

Simply email your goal to

Be sure to include why this is important for your compelling future in 2014 and beyond.

Enter by Friday the 24th of January.

Successful applicates notifed on Saturday the 25th by phone, email and on Facebook.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Successful applicants will be announced on the Whole Self Kinesiology Facebook page, (after they have been contacted directly and notified) so it would be a good idea to Like the Facebook page so you receive updates and notifications and so you can claim your package.
  2. Entry is open only to residents of The Surf Coast and Geelong, Victoria Australia who comply with any entry criteria as specified by Whole Self Kinesiology.
  3. The package is non transferable or exchangeable, nor can it be redeemed for cash. In the event for any reason a successful applicant does not take an element of any prize at the time stipulated by the provider  then that element of the prize will be forfeited by the applicant and cash will not be supplied in lieu of that element of the package.
  4. Entrants and participants in the competition acknowledge that the competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook and entrants and participants in the competition release Facebook and its      associated companies from all liability arising from the competition.

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives

A quote by Reshad Field
A quote by Reshad Field

 Ask yourself:   What are the patterns of my life? What has reoccurred over and over again? Try to create a detailed list of significant events and experiences considering your work, social, family, financial and love life. Now attach a dominant emotion or emotions to each event or experience you have had. Remember these emotions are your own, so think about how you felt.

Are there any common emotions starting to emerge? Are patterns starting to become  more obvious?

Now you are aware of some of the dominant emotions of your life, it’s time to challenge the view of how they came to be. Traditionally, the easiest way to deal with things that don’t go our way is to look for someone to blame: we attach ourselves to cause and effect. For example ‘If my boss treated me better, I would enjoy my job more. If we could make more money, I would have more opportunities. If my parents had stayed together, my relationship wouldn’t be so dysfunctional.”

This tendency to give our power away to someone else- our boss, husband, wife or money, keeps us stuck in old patterns. It’s these patterns that become the uncomfortable norm of our lives. If we believe that someone else is responsible, we are powerless in the present moment to change the unfolding of our future.

You are not powerless. With action and awareness, change is inevitable.

In this moment take responsibility. Take your power back from everyone you have given it away to over the years. End blaming others for how life has turned out for you. Instead ask yourself…..

“What do I believe about myself and life?” Do you believe no one ever appreciates you? Or love must be learned rather than authentically created? The more aware you become of the creative power of beliefs, the more enthusiasm you will have to change them. When you have a belief, whether it’s positive or negative, life simply provides the evidence to support it. If life seemingly only serves up challenges, what beliefs are creating this reality? The universe doesn’t discriminate, it just responds to what your dominant thoughts are.

Give yourself permission to imagine for a minute what life would be like without these beliefs. Expand this image, so that instead of thinking about it for a minute, let it become the only way you think about yourself. Align this new way of thinking, with a new way of feeling.

Be kind to yourself during this process of renewal. Our life journey will not always be smooth and we’re not looking for perfection. Rather, it is the way we choose to respond to these times that facilitates the most growth and can potentially lead our lives in the most inspiring directions.

Love and Light

Attalia XXX

Robert Emmons: What is Gratitude?

Robert Emmons discusses why practicing gratitude has a transformative effect on our social and emotional well-being. According to Emmons, ‘gratitude enriches human life. It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms. People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.”

Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, is one of the foremost authorities on the topic of gratitude in North America.

Making Gratitude A Daily Practice

An important part of my daily routine is to wind up my day with my gratitude journal. Each night I take a few minutes to sit and reflect on what has happened in my day, listing all the things I have to be grateful for. At first this may seem like a challenge, especially if your day has been less than perfect, but I promise persistence and dedication pays off.

For me, by acknowledging daily blessings and sitting in the feeling of gratitude, appreciation and love my day is filled with endless gifts. My experience in keeping a journal has shown me that when my mind is in the routine of looking for the higher energy pattern, more of these good experiences come to me. I also deliberatly activate these thought patterns before I go to sleep taking them into my dream state. Gratitude is an emotion with the power to modify attitudes and behaviors.

The science of gratitude. Did you know that words and feelings have measureable vibrations? So the words we assign to an experience effect our overall life energy.  The prominent author David R. Hawkins M.D., PhD carried out an extensive investigation into contrasting pairs of qualities. Some examples of these are appreciative- envious, cheerful- manic, leading-coercing etc. Through muscle testing, each word was measured and a numerical calibration identified. The results showed that positive language and expressions have a calibration of over 200, while negative or weak patterns had a calibration less than 200. Put simply, when we step into fear, anger or hate, our vibration is lowered. From my experience the times when I may feel these emotions, the sensations in my body alone is enough to tell me they are lowering my life energy.

But there’s good news!!! Gratitude and fear CANNOT exist simultaneously?  You are either in a state of gratitude or fear. Knowing this, we then have  greater power to choose our state more consciously.

The next time you are in a state that feels contrary to your ideal self, take a moment to observe the feeling and consciously step into gratitude. Make a choice and take action.

How to get started

Make a conscious decision to become happier and more grateful!!

Choose a beautiful note book and keep it beside your bed. Be creative about where you keep it. If the bathroom is better put it there.

Use a new page for a new day or one for the week.

Elaborate in detail about particular things for which you are grateful.

Explore a diverse range of things you are grateful for. These will have the  greatest impact on your thinking. It’s not just about the things, but the people, moments and experiences you encounter.

Stuck for ideas? Consider what your life might be like without certain blessings.

Record events that were unexpected or surprising.

Have fun and don’t let your journal become a chore. If daily is too much, do a one a week.

Finally, while you are writing, align yourself with the ‘feeling’. Allow it to fill your being!


Have you ever been prescribed a long list supplements and wondered if all of this is really what my bodies needs to heal?


This is what happened to a friend of mine this week. After visiting a health professional with the primary complaint of low energy levels and frequent colds, she was prescribed an array of supplements…….15 to be exact! This prescription was based largely on the various symptoms my friend presented with or could recall. These included fatigue, foggy headedness, muscle weakness and frequent exhaustion throughout the day. In response to the list of symptoms, a standard although extensive supplement regime was recommended. The standard dosages applied and to come back in two weeks to check her energy levels had improved. This is a familiar scenario and one I’m sure many of us have experienced. I know I had before I started using Kinesiology to support my nutrition. It is the traditional approach to treatment. So what are the alternatives? 

In her book, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden says, “If I had the power to impact the medical profession in just one way, it would be that physicians add energy testing to their diagnostic tool kit.” It is through muscle testing that a Kinesiologist can gain exact feedback from a clients body to individualise therapeutic advice. Our energy systems are as individual as our fingerprints.  Therefore, the foods we eat and supplements we take in, can all have different impacts on us.  Muscle testing finds out exactly what the body needs, as well as how much and how often it needs it. Feedback revolves around what supports or stresses the bodies energy system.

Kinesiology cuts out the guess work and the generalised formulas, and uses feedback from the body. Why not have a go yourself? DIY SWAY TEST

Nutritional testing is always checked in relation to a clients goal.