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About The Whole SELF HEALING Journey.

#Questions and clarification
“I see you each month, what is the benefit of joining The Whole Self Healing Journey?”
Answer: Every client I work with walks away with new awareness, tools and techniques for lifehealing. Many of them do their ‘homework’ and continue to create great shifts after their session. The purpose of the group is to use the collective energy that is created through women uniting all at the one time towards a common healing goal. The parts support the whole! There is great power in connection.
“I’m worried about being judged by other people in the group”
freeAnswer: Our first month focuses on moving from Ego to Soul. Judgement of others as well as ourselves comes from the Ego. The
Liquid crystal Elestial Quartz supports this transformation with angelic truth about ourselves. The soul is open free, loving an compassionate. The Ego is not. It is competitive judgmental and isolating. The aim is to acknowledge the Egos presences and return peaceful tot he souls wisdom.
Keep the questions coming!!

The Whole Self Healing Journey

The Whole SELF-HEALING  journey is a 6 month program designed to realign you with your authentic soulful self. The part of you yearning to be seen and heard.

I know you because you are like me, a seeker. You are looking for that thing that will take heckyesaway the discomfort and the pain, felt as a dull ache deep within your being. The thing that will transform the emptiness to compassion, the fear to love, separateness to oneness, force to flow and the illusion to truth. I have been where you are and I want you to know you are not alone. You are not alone! 

I know you have felt disconnected, lost and confused at times and that’s why this space has been created. This is not just a space, it is a sisterhood and you are invited to be a part of it.

surroundyourselfwithpeoplewhoareonlygoingtolifyyouhigher-mm (1)What it is

  • Listening to your soul
  • Expressing yourself fearlessly
  • Knowing who you are and your true needs are
  • Accepting and activating your feminine qualities.
  • Restoring the fun and freedom of the inner child.

Through this you become self responsible, empowered and conscious. Healing becomes sustainable and change and transformation is experienced as an ongoing opportunity to expand and grow.

Is this for me?dothingsfromsoul-mysticmamma

  • Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself?
  • Do you become silent or over emotional when you need to speak your truth?
  • Do you put the needs of everyone else before yourself and then feel resentful?
  • Are you pushing and striving and not getting what you are working so hard for?
  • Do you know what lights you up and do you allow yourself to have fun?
  • Do you expect perfection?

What you receive

6 Month Membership to the Whole SELF HEALING online Facebook space.
6 x 21 Day Liquid Crystal Healing Remedies (1 each month)
Up to 8 individual Liquid Crystal programs per bottle.
6 x Master Healing Grids (1 each Month)
Weekly healing techniques, inspiration and empowerment
1 x Journal
1 x Chakra Healing Meditation

Total Value

Over $900

Total Saving

Your Investment In YOU


Payment options

Pay $342 in full
(+ 48 AU postage required)

Pay $57 per month by credit card via pay pal
(+ postage of $48 AU required)

How to join

It is my wish that if you want to take this opportunity money doesn’t stop you. So I have meganmiller-inthistogethercreated some options for you.

  1. Pay in full or in installments
  2. Collect or have all remedies posted to you.


If you wish to collect your remedies use the links below

If paying in full click here to purchase your membership

If paying by the month click here to purchase your membership


If you wish to have the remedies posted use the links below

If paying in full click here to purchase your membership

If paying by the month click here to purchase your membership


To create a safe and secure space where you can feel open and free to be yourself I am limiting the number of people in the group, so I encourage you to act fast so you don’t miss out.

Love to you all and I look forward to connecting with you in the Private Whole SELF HEALING Space on Facebook.


WSK Changes for 2016

Change is the only constant and often it can take a while to adjust too. But don’t worry yourself too much these changes are all good for you…..and me.

Consultation Days

My days remain Tuesday and Thursday each week. For after hours services Tuesday is your best option with sessions available from 9am til 7.15 pm. If PM is essential for you, I encourage you to book early as these times are popular and in demand. Additional PM sessions are available by calling me on 0431229166.


1 hour Kinesiology Sessions

1.5 hr Kinesiology Parent Child Balance

12 Hour Crystal Healing   NEW

1 hr Skype Balance

7 Month Membership to the Whole Self Healing Space  NEW

Flexible Payment

In 2015 I had a lot of positive feedback about my online booking system. It’s such a great service allowing you to check and book your sessions online with ease. In 2015 payment was required at the time of booking, however to this year i I have modified the ways in which you can pay.

Now you can:

Pay by credit card at the time of booking


Pay by direct deposit or cash. This method of payment must be received before or on the day of your session.

Please note that the same policy exists for cancellations.

I trust this new flexible arrangement will be an awesome change for everyone, avoiding disappointment by allowing you to book in advance.


I’m looking forward to supporting you in creating the change you need to really love yourself and your life. It’s about time don’t you think?!


Bold and Brazen

All month my attention has been drawn to my own pelvis region, to the Sacral energy center. During everyday activities my sacral chakra has Orange flowersimply demanded more attention from me and this has come in the form of a dull ache, slight uncomfortability, less flexibility and so on.

During my daily meditation I would I attempt to start at the root Chakra, but inevitably my attention would be drawn upwards and be held at my pelvis area for some time. This meant that my meditation this month started at my sacral chakra and I would stay their balancing the energy with attention and breathing until I felt that my attention was able to be released and move down to the root chakra.

It’s important to know that chakra balancing should only ever be done from the root upwards, never from the crown downwards.

What I know is that with any meditative practice it’s good to have flexibility to really tune into what the body wants, not what we think it wants or what fits into a guided meditation.

This month was interesting. Like I’ve said before, becoming familiar with the qualities of each of the Chakras means that when particular attention is paid to one with the intent to balance it, we’re equipped with an understanding of some of the ways it might show in physicality of everyday life.

With this in mind I kept my awareness on these qualities of the Sacral Chakra:

  1. Letting go
  2. Creative, sexual and individual expression.
  3. Manifestation
  4. Desire and delight

The most powerful shift for me this month was around individuation. The ability to let go, manifest and tune onto my own desire and delight all stem from being aligned to my own inner authority and wisdom.

Moving from tribal, family and community thought patterns to being my own inner authority. Trusting my own intuition, wisdom and feelings.

What this meant for me was that on the most simple level I questioned………..’what have I been I saying yes to and why?’ What have I been ‘allowing’ which isn’t in alignment with the life I seek to live and create.

So I noticed…………

yesI would say ‘yes’ to things that didn’t feel right. Whether it was an invitation, opinion or idea, to keep the peace and survive I would conform. We all do this to some extent because we believe it keeps us safe, but I decided the perception of safety was actually keeping me small.

My personal power, creativity and desire for the real me to expand was being suppressed.

So I stopped doing it.

I stopped say ‘yes’ straight away and instead took my time to decide. The adage “say yes and figure out how” doesn’t wshhhhork for me 100% of the time. I focused more on the feeling I got from an opinion, gave that part of myself validation for being an indicator of my truth. I paid attention to whose voice was in my head when I agreed with an idea. Funnily enough sometimes it’s our parents, teachers, the governments or even TV advertisers. To truly have individual expression these need to be silenced.

The core and most destructive emotions that inhibit the sacral chakra energy  are GUILT and SHAME. These toxic emotions plague the human Vanillaconsciousness and often result in fear of being an individual and instead everyone ends up ‘vanilla’. All kind of the same! As I said there is safety in this, but living with guilt that we should be doing something or shame that we did something that was unacceptable leads to an unfulfilled existence of not knowing ourselves and chasing someone else’s dream.

So often I work with clients that are constantly bombarded with I should, I must, I have too. This inner dialogue drains the delight out of life because dreamsthey are always questioning themselves. Is this right, is this wrong.

Kinesiology and chakra balancing can support you activating your own inner authority, creating a kick arse life that reflects your dreams, wants, needs and desires right now in this his life time. To work together book here


The Sacral Chakra

So together we move to the Sacral Chakra. This is a big one!!

For the last few weeks my attention has been on my Root chakra and after consistent attention and regular balancing practices I sense my Root Chakra is significantly stronger, more vibrant and enhancing my energy rather than depleting it. Plus I feel completely safe!! I know that this is a process so 3 weeks of intense focus is just the beginning. The ongoing rituals that I consistently invest time in serve to keep my chakras balanced everyday.

Sacral Chakra where are you……..??

sacral 1The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen area or just below the belly button. I think of this location as being between the hip bones. I picture this chakra as a radiating ball of orange light. The healthier the Sacral chakra, the more vibrant the colour orange is. Having awareness of the colour is important because simple colour meditation can be used to balance the chakra anywhere and at any time. Many chakra meditations focus on drawing the colour orange into the pelvis region. I really like to do this in time with my breathing. By simply breathing in orange and intentionally directing it to the sacral area the chakra is balanced. I personally like the timing of taking a breath in and as I inhale I consciously bring the energy up my legs and at the top of the breath I am at the sacral chakra, I gently hold and my exhale is expanding the colour in my pelvis.

Rainbow 2

How do I remember the colours of the chakras? The are simply the colours of the rainbow in ascending order. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue,  indigo, violet or shortened to         ROY G BIV.  I learnt that in primary school and I use it alllll the time.

What are qualities of the Sacral?

The Root Chakra was all about being rooted in the earth, having family, tribal and community bonds that create safety and security here on earth. The energy of the sacral chakra allows for us as individuals to step back from these bonds and assess their merit. It is through a strong sacral chakra that we can identify what our own wants and needs are and peacefully let go what others want for us and focus on what we want for ourselves. A
strong sacral chakra is immune to shame and guilt and powered by inhibition, creative, sexual and individual expression.

Scaral 3Physically the Sacral Chakra connects with the large intestines, reproductive organs, bladder, and the kidneys. When a physical imbalance manifests in these areas a sacral chakra imbalance may be involved.

What are the qualities of the Sacral Chakra?

Sacral Chakar

  • Individual Expression
  • Pleasure
  • Sensuality and sexuality
  • Creativity
  • Manifestation

Stay tuned to find out how my journey through this chakra exposed challenges of individual expression, creativity and pleasure.

Are you coming?

What the BLEEP is Kinesiology

Free Evening TalkDec. 3rd @ 7pmThis Free event is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the healing potential of KinesiologyYou will hear about the depth and breath of what imbalances Kinesiology can support and the tools that this healing art employs to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. You will see kinesiology principles in action through live demonstrations.

It is also a chance to ask the questions you have been curious about.

  • How it works?

  • What it does?

  • What it doesn’t do?

  • Is it for me?

This is a relaxed, intimate event for the curious of mind and heart. It is for the person that wishes to explore a holistic pathway to healing and create physical, metal, emotional and spirtual balance in their life so they can achieve their full potential each and every day.

My gift to you………

All participants that attend this free evening talk will receive a complimentary Meridian Emotions DIY Balancing chart for at home use. This is especially supportive for managing the emotions throughout the “Silly Season”. 


Organic Herbal tea will  be served for your enjoyment. 

I look forward to seeing you there.

Love Attalia XX

I felt unsafe, I felt insecure and I felt alone.

The intensity of these feelings are not my usual experience of the world, however what I am learning is that these may not show up in all their intensity every day, but their subtle energy pervades much of what do we….. or what we’re too scared to do.

The simple intention to cleanse and balance the Root Chakra is a powerful force that’s begins the process of peeling back and allowing that which needs to be addressed to come to the surface.roots

At first it can feel uncertain and very uncomfortable and this is ok. It’s important to stay connected with the intent so that when life begins to shift, a cord of hope can be held on to tightly too. It’s easy to forget that transformation sometimes moves from the darkness into the light.

So for me I felt unsafe.

I am woman with two children and together we live in a beautiful home which is located in a secluded little spot surrounded by trees and wild life. I have a sweet pooch who is gentle yet protective and lovingly sleeps at the front of the house most of the day and night.

All of my life I have felt comfortable on my own, whether it’s day or night I’m happy. I have always felt safe and that nothing could or would ever hurt me. So it was a surprise to me that when I started to work on my Root Chakra this temporarily changed.

The intereAlbiesting way this sense of feeling unsafe manifested for me was in my ‘unusual’ fear that belongings of mine had gone missing from my house. Most significantly my dog one morning! I woke up and went out to greet Albie only to find he
was not home. With a secure yard my mind went straight to ‘someone has stolen him’ and this was my first thought! This fear, stemming from ‘I’m unsafe’ sent me into a frightened state. As it turns out, my wonderful neighbour who is one of my greatest supports had taken Albie for a walk. What was even more interesting and synchronistic was that when I eventually found him, my neighbour’s first response was “It’s ok you’re safe” He had no idea why I was upset, but they were his first words.

So how and why did the imbalance show up like this?

The interesting thing to know is that the Root Chakra is associated with upbringing and early life. It is in this energetic center for tribal beliefs and programming are inherited.  So for me this is what showed.  It demonstrated a tribal belief at play and gave me the Family Tribeopportunity, wisdom and awareness to clear the block through personalised remedies, returning me to a state of peace and safety. Using the Belinda Davidson Chakra Cleanse is one of the supports I used. What I know is this feeling was a vibration existing in my root Chakra. Without clearing it, it would continue to activate and create the illusion of ‘I am unsafe’.  I call it an illusion because it was a program, not my real experience.

So my journey continues free of this old tribal belief.

The Base Chakra: My Chakra Journey

So today I begin my Root Chakra cleanse. It will last for a month and involves a beautiful array of practices that cleanse, transmute and restore energetic balance to my Root Chakra. This process combines the work of the inspirational and amazing Belinda Davidson. This amazing woman is the ‘Queen of Chakras’ and the founder of the School of the Modern Mystic. Check it out here.  She is an expert in the field of self-healing and mindfulness and has devoted her life to serving and inspiring others to heal themselves through complete Chakra balance. The Level One course is an in depth and comprehensive journey to self-healing and I recommend it to anyone. belinda

Much of what I share with you is a combined approach to Chakra healing with the core practice of meditation using Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse Meditation. This can be found and purchased here. As I am a student of the School Of the modern Mystic I will not be revealing too much of what is done in the school so to honor the entire process that Belinda has created. I enthusiastically encourage you to undertake the course yourself as well as working with a practitioner that has an in depth knowledge of the Chakras as a core healing system.

So what’s important to know about the Root, Base or 1st Chakra?

base pointFirstly it’s located at the perineum and is red in colour and its colour can dependent on its health. Once connection is made with this Chakra using all the senses, many of us are able to assess it’s health by what we see, hear, smell and taste. For me, I visualise the chakra and notice the colour, shape, vitality of it. I have been working with my chakras for many years and have only just started using all my sense to tune into them. The more attention I give to the area the more it shows itself to me.

What are the qualities of the Root Chakra?

The core associations with the Root Chakra are:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Belonging
  • Procreation
  • Groundedness
  • The Hips and lower body.
  • The endocrine system

An imbalance in the Root Chakra will disturb these aspects of our being. I thought my Root Chakra was rocking and this would be a breeze, but when I began cleansing it I quickly realised it totally wasn’t and each of these qualities showed itself to me. The beauty of this journey is that if we can trust that the shadow parts of the process are only present because of the light parts of it, then we can move through them with less resistance.

So I frootselt unsafe. I felt insecure. I felt like I didn’t belong and through all of this I felt ungrounded and floating. Find out this week how this showed up in my life and what I did to move through it with grace and trust.

The Chakras : My Personal Journey to Whole Self Healing. 

I’m excited because over the next 7 months I’ll be delivering to you a series of posts that focus on educating, inspiring and
motivating you to create Whole Self balance through the 7 Chakras. The best thing about this journey is that it’s a personal one. You now have a front row seat, witnessing( if you choose) the process I go through in cleansing, balancing and strengthening my 7 major Chakras.

Chakras-colours-whole-self-kinesiologyThis process is challenging! I know this because I’ve tried it once before and I gave up! Last year I did this process starting in September and I got to the heart Chakra and fell a part. The intensity was too overwhelming for me at that time of my life  as I was going through a separation with a new born…kinda full on stuff! This year is different in so many ways and I’m grateful to my self that I’m embarking on this again.

So you guys get to come along for the ride……..Riding the highs and lows with me. You’ll get to see that transformation even for a kinesiologist isn’t all roses and can be damn hard…but totally worth it.

During this process I’ll be focusing on the 7 major Chakras that are all located down the midline of the body. I have them, you have them….. all humans have them.

Each Chakra has specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions. When they are balanced, healthy and in harmony the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being are in balance. Relationships work, we feel safe, we manifest our desires, we connect with our higher purpose and more!!!images

However when they’re not balanced dis-ease, dysfunction and disorder manifest. We feel like we don’t belong, we have poor relationships,we lose creativity, feel guilty and scared and life generally sucks.

The challenges in your life right now will be the product of Chakra trouble! So it’s time to create change too.

Chakra-Whole-Self-Kinesiology-TorquayThe more I work with clients in my practice the more I see the power and necessity of Chakra balance. The body is an amazing things and what each body needs is different so there’s no one size fits all in the healing process. There are regular practices that support balance but often the simple and gentle techniques are different for every client.This is cool because every Chakra is different and every bodies story is unique. So Chakra balance is the key to success and fulfillment.  If you feel the calling to start this journey too simply click here to book a session with me.

Stay tuned this week for the first installment of the My Chakra Journey.

The Root Chakra is where it’s at!

Attalia XX

Are You Willing to Receive?

I can do it myself!!!Quote Willingness to receive Torquay Kinesiology

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in the last 2 years I would be rich and many of you will have had the same experience with your toddlers. They’re determined to master a skill alone, even if anger, frustration and hysteria seemingly dominate the the process. Being able to do things ourselves is an essential life skill. As children, our parents rightfully celebrated when we could tie our own shoe laces, when we could wash our own hands and eat dinner with our own folk. “You did it your self!’ We tell them.

As I observe this process in my daughter it has me contemplating. How many of us are stuck in this pattern, unable to ask for support or unable to accept it? Quietly saying to ourselves “I can do it myself!’ All the while, feeling unsupported and like the burden of the world is on our shoulders.

I often have clients that come to see me about stress and tension in their neck and shoulders. This is often the problem they wish to solve. They want to move freely.  As kinesiology is holistic and balances the Whole Self we look at and test the metaphysical aspects of an imbalance.

The following are some metaphysical indicators for shoulder imbalances

  • ‘Feeling weighed down by responsibility and willing to take on more.
  • Value is measured by how much you do for others.
  • You do not trust others to support you and you prefer to support others.
  • Your efforts don’t pay off and you are left feeling frustrated, exhausted and depleted’

These are paraphrased from Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy, Volume

You can see that these imbalances come from not receiving. They come from the Quote Feminine receptivity Torquay Kinesiologysense of being trapped and unable to move freely in life.

It is essential we recognise the need to receive. We happily give to others, so let’s start giving to ourselves.

As women our nature is receptivity, we receive.

Feminine energy doesn’t have to do anything. It simply is. There is no outward action associated with this energy. It is about being. Instead of this energy going out to meet the world, the world rises to meet it, which is why it is associated with receptivity. Yet, it is not passive; it is open. We have learned to associate recep­tivity and stillness with passivity and laziness, but true feminine energy is like a powerful vortex into which you are irresistibly and joyfully drawn. In its stillness it is potent. It draws you in” (

Being a woman can be challenging with all the mixed messages of what we should or shouldn’t be doing. We are left confused and for many of us the greatest sense of control in all the uncertainty is to do it ourselves. That way we remain free of the perceived judgement of others. So that I am always a good enough mother, sister, daughter, employee, at home mum, business owner because I’m doing it all. We just keep taking on more, our load gets heavier and in many cases our neck and shoulders become more painful.

Being able to ask for help and accept what is offered takes practice. Kinesiology supports you in changing your mindset and beliefs around self worth, love, acceptance and vulnerability. It makes asking for help and accepting support an empowering choice where stepping into vulnerability is rewarded with a lighter load and greater self love.

I encourage you to reflect now on when the last time was you accepted help. When you said ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ and used the time to nourish yourself. If you can’t think of a time, you may be ready to get started so book here

Some food for thought………………