Relationship Series: Letting Go

  Part One: Happily ever after…. Or not There are many reasons why relationships become dysfunctional and just as many reasons why we choose to stay when a relationship isn’t growing any more. The ability to let go and release someone we may have once loved can be hampered by some pretty powerful things. Many […]

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Relationship Series: Mirror, Mirror

Our relationships are a mirror for the parts of ourselves that need healing. This is one of the most powerful beliefs you can have when you wish to create change in a relationship. Each person we interact with provides us with direct feedback about the aspects of ourselves that need integration.  When we are triggered by our partner, […]

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Heart Opening 

This morning I did a beautiful yin yoga session. I love the facilitator as she grounds the practice in Meridian and chakra knowledge which is what I vibe on. Activating and nourishing these energy centres has created a deeper connection with yoga for me.  As I walked through the door I read the sign “yoga […]

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Mirror, Mirror

For a really long time I have cognitively understood the philosophy behind mirroring. When we experience someone or something that triggers us it is a reflection of our own stuff being shown to us. This aspect of ourselves is awaiting healing and when we get to a point where we can stop blaming another for […]

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Exciting News

I have some very exciting news to share with you!! Over the last few weeks I have toyed with the idea of moving my practice from the comfort of my home space to the comfort of someone else’s space. Today I am super duper happy to share that in October I will now be consulting […]

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The Whole SELF HEALING Journey

Did you know The Whole SELF HEALING Journey is almost in it’s 3rd month! Some of the feedback so far…….. “I am absolutely loving this experience, I am so centered and grounded right now. I feel so blessed to be building a toolkit to help myself” “I love this ride! It’s been confronting at times, but […]

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