My Hashimotos Journey: Part 2

Ahhh pride…..a level of consciousness or filter, that has both light and shadow ways of expressing itself. At the beginning, I was demanding of myself wanting to heal fast. I changed my diet and immediately stopped eating gluten. I learned about ‘Molecular Mimicry’ (awesome big word and I feel super smart using it) and this is believed to explain how our immune […]

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My Hashimotos Story

In Late, 2016 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease after going to get some testing done on my gut. I had just returned from Spain and wasn’t happy with the bloating and strange bowel movements I was having since getting back ( I know gross…but true). I knew there was something wrong and test results […]

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Relationship Series: Letting Go

  Part One: Happily ever after…. Or not There are many reasons why relationships become dysfunctional and just as many reasons why we choose to stay when a relationship isn’t growing any more. The ability to let go and release someone we may have once loved can be hampered by some pretty powerful things. Many […]

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Relationship Series: Mirror, Mirror

Our relationships are a mirror for the parts of ourselves that need healing. This is one of the most powerful beliefs you can have when you wish to create change in a relationship. Each person we interact with provides us with direct feedback about the aspects of ourselves that need integration.  When we are triggered by our partner, […]

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Heart Opening 

This morning I did a beautiful yin yoga session. I love the facilitator as she grounds the practice in Meridian and chakra knowledge which is what I vibe on. Activating and nourishing these energy centres has created a deeper connection with yoga for me.  As I walked through the door I read the sign “yoga […]

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Mirror, Mirror

For a really long time I have cognitively understood the philosophy behind mirroring. When we experience someone or something that triggers us it is a reflection of our own stuff being shown to us. This aspect of ourselves is awaiting healing and when we get to a point where we can stop blaming another for […]

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