Gather Retreat – Winter Offering

We welcome you to join us for the lastest “Gather” Retreat held in Forrest, Victoria on August 16-18th. This 2 day retreat includes meditation, yoga, basket weaving and sound healing. Facilitated by Attalia Egerton Kinesiologist and Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, the weekend is an opportunity for nourishment and nurturing. During the 2 days together we play between doing and being.

We gather text

All meals, snacks and drinks are vegan and delicous!

Accomodation is at ‘The Gathering House Forrest”  See more here

Places are limited to 9 participants only.

This is an all inclusive retreat.

Faciliated by 4 wonderful woman skilled and experienced at their individual crafts.

Secure your EARLY BIRD price and save $50. FULL Price on July 22nd.

Place will fill so do not delay

Pay in full or with a payment plan (Please contact me via email for a payment plan link




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Winter Light

Winter is the perfect time to learn to meditate. By harnessing the natural inclination we have to go inward at this time of the year, we have the opportunity to connect to the stillness that exists within us.

During this 6 week course we explore the foundations of meditation through the breath, body, mind, emotions and the energy body.

This course begins on July 16th and runs for 6 consecutive weeks ending on August 20th, 2019

I would love to have you join us.

Bookings can be made below. Limited places available.

Winter meditation

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Activate Your Joy

The fire element showed up big time in clinic this week. The common themes were re-connection with passion, playfulness lightness and being nourished. Each of these qualities flowering from a connection to Joy our ability to receive.

How often do you feel joy? Every day, once a week, once a month? Joy is our birthright and is not something we grow out of. Joy is not something that gets put away with the toys. Instead it is ever present and always available… kind of like a child’s ability to have fun with a stick, a box or a piece of string.

When Joy is absent from life the ability to connect to what feels good is lost.

We don’t know how to nourish ourselves because we don’t know what feels good anymore.

We don’t know what to pursue and where to put our attention because we don’t know what feels good anymore

Life feels heavy and like hard work because we don’t know what feels good anymore.

I love the quote “Before I built a wall,I’d ask to know what I was walling in and what I was walling out” Robert Frost

The walls we put around our hearts, the need to protect ourselves from the possibility of loss overcomes all else. The walls we build inhibit full giving and receiving. Joy stops flowing replaced by caution.

Let the walls down. Let joy run it’s path the way a child does. You are safe. Explore your passions. Love.

Be curious

Magic Just Happened

My, oh my, what an incredible weekend. In many ways last weekends A Life in Retreat exceeded what my mind could have ever imagined. The nature of being guided by your heart is you can feel the potential and it’s this inner guidance that motivate creation.

Last year I had a dream, that in 2019 I would create an experience for woman to come together, connect, pause and open…….. A Life in Retreat was conceived. I could feel a part of my life purpose activating and calling for expression. This weekend was the birth of that dream.

The weekend in its totality blew my mind and opened my heart……and I wasn’t the only one!

As the facilitator for the weekend, my heart was filled over and over again by the words of joy participants shared of their experience.

A Life in Retreat is based in the beautiful town of Forrest and we all stayed at the stunning Forrest Otway Escape. This incredible space effortlessly creates a sense of safety and security and we all felt it. Each meal was catered for by the amazing Lush Vegan based in Jan Juc and boy did we love our food. The menu expanded our understanding of how incredible and flavoursome vegan food truly is. The weather was PERFECT and to top it off each activity supported mind, body and spirit connection.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the beautiful woman who came together to share in this experience and who helped to make this weekend so profound. As a participant said “We are being called to have deep sense of trust in what life gives us” As a facilitator this expresses itself through who is drawn to this experience and when…. The implicit trust that all we experience here on this planet is intended to grow us.

The first A Life in Retreat was incredibly nourishing on many levels and I now look to the organisation of the upcoming retreats in May and July. Before I share with you the dates, it’s important to know there are two ways you can experience A Life in retreat in Forrest. The first is by securing your spot at one of the upcoming dates throughout the year or you can organise a group of 6 friends and request a weekend.

The dates for the next two retreats are May 31 and July 19th. Both run on Friday 5pm until Sunday 3pm including all food, activities and accommodation.

Much interest has been expressed for the May retreat so if you keen on coming along please don’t hesitate to book in when registration goes live in later April.

Are you joining us?


Is one of the last 2 spots yours?

2 X single share spots are now available at A Life in Retreat in March.

Have you been trying to find a friend to come along with and had no luck? Look no further, these 2 places can be booked individually making them available to anyone now.

With just 6 spaces, A Life in Retreat is an intimate and relaxing experience designed to activate creativity, connect you to stillness and open you up to spaciousness.

With Meditation, yoga and creative clay play on the menu it’s the perfect balance of being and doing.

Meals, accomodation and activities included in the investment of $550 pp. located in Forrest Victoria.

It’s easy to register and a payment plan is available.

Reach out to secure your spot and receive your personal link for payment.


Or via social media platforms FB and Insta

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Merry Christmas

Christmas card

It’s with excitement that I sit typing this between clients on my last week of work for 2018.

We often have a sense of what the upcoming year will be like but we can never know exactly what it will hold. It is the inkling of potential that we feel and project forward with so much hope and aspirations. For me 2018 has been the container of many wonderful highlights both professionally and personally. I would love to share just a few and trust that however your year started and ends you are able to embrace the opportunity each moment has held for you which allows you to edge closer to your own truth and potential.

Professional Highlights 

  • Obtaining my Mindfulness and Meditation Diploma and undertaking over 300 hours of meditation
  • Expanding my kinesiology practice with expert mentors.
  • Working with more men in the clinic. This has been a wonderful addition and has had profound impacts on the families I am working with. I look forward to supporting more men and their families in 2019.
  • Joining the Quay Osteo Family. This collective of amazing practitioner offers something very special and unique to the Surf Coast.

Highlights of the clients I work with

This year has been super exciting with so many amazing transformation for my clients.

  • Relationships have begun and ended
  • Babies have been conceived and born
  • Weddings have been planned and experienced.
  • Careers have grown and shifted
  • Houses have been bought and sold
  • Marathons have been trained for and completed
  • Lives have been lived and let go of

These changes have been navigated by letting go of old patterns and returning to a sense of safety and trust in life. Clients have created boundaries that have supported them living and speaking their truth. They have surrendered the need for control giving over to the divine nature of life. For me witnessing the transformation of the people I work with gives me such joy and I have reverence for each and everyone of you.

My Personal Highlights

• Buying a beautiful home in Forrest. Pssst…………. The location of next years retreats.

A sneak peek here

• Learning Qi Gong techniques. which have cultivated my energy.

• Undertaking over 300 hours of meditation this year. Let me tell you this has been life changing.

• Developing many new friendship and professional relationships. There are some amazing men and women on the planet.

• Massive life changing personal shifts-a-plenty.

• Ending the year energised and enthusiastic.

Life continues to give me exactly what I need to evolve to the highest version of myself. In this I trust….I hope you do too.

If I have worked with you this year…….it has been an absolutely pleasure and honour. Thank you for showing up for yourself. Thank you for being curious and having the courage to explore yourself beyond the surface. It is in the depths of ourselves we find our truth.

From my heart thank you.

Love Attalia xxxxxxxxxxxx


PS…. Just because it’s so exciting I want to give you a little heads up about 2019.

Stay tuned for:

  • Upcoming Meditation Courses
  • Online Group Healing Sessions
  • RETREATS!! Yep I’m super excited to be collaborating with other amazing practitioners and creatives in the creation of weekend retreats in Forrest. Details to come on Jan 1st!




Wind down, not up.

Hello lovelies,

The interesting thing about this time of year is that according to linear time we are winding down a year, with Christmas close and New Year not far off. The conflict here is that energetically we are winding up, not down.

The season of summer brings with it an abundance of yang energy. This energy is big and brings with it the power to do.

These polarities can leave us feeling pulled in many directions, without a centre or grounding. This state is less than comfortable and can lead to frustration, exhaustion and a loss of joy for what can be a really love filled time. Connection with friends and family, time off and beautiful weather can be embraced and celebrated.

Embrace the joy of the Chrissy period.

There is just a few sessions left before I head off on my well deserved Christmas break. But before then, I’d love to support you feeling balanced, grateful and fully connected so this time of year nourishes you and the people you love.

Can’t come in person?

Easy, I also offer Skype balances all over Australia and the world. Distance is no limitation but time is so book your session quick.

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Be curious xxxx

2019 Beginner Meditation Course

Finding Calm in the Chaos


WITH ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE, PLACES ARE LIMITED. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love (like yourself)

This 6 week beginner course is a journey that reconnects us with the calm that exists within us always. Each week we make contact with parts of ourselves that have been forgotten. It is through the creation of a safe space for self-inquiry that we begin to explore the relationship we have with ourselves and therefore life. We are not fixing anything, we are reconnecting to the truth of who we are at our core.

2019 is the year to make contact with the calm that exist in the chaos.

There is a right time for everything, and as summer begins to wane we take full advantage of the motivation that exists in the final summer spell.

Who hasn’t started their year with the intention of meditating more?! Every year for the last 10 I’m pretty sure I made that plan. However, year after year beyond the hustle and bustle of Christmas, New Years and School Holidays it would be Mid February before I would return to my usual routine and realise my plan to kick off my year ‘right’ had been foiled again!

This year was different, and it’s this difference I am offering you in my upcoming 6 week meditation course in 2019.

Have the intention to meditate more, or even start meditating, but don’t start at a hectic time like January.

Yes, I know your brain wants you to think it’s the best way to start the year, but I promise you January is a month full of bbqs and adventures, late nights and early mornings. January is the peak Yang month so its action packed physically, metally and emotionally……… everything is super charged. This super charge of energy can pose a conflict to the system that wants to be out and about doing things and you’re telling the system to “sit down, be quiet and be still” It’s easy to think we’re no good at it…or the whole meditation thing is a hoax. This simply isn’t true, there’s just a right time for everything.

So when is the best time?  It’s February. The kids are back in school, routines  have returned, bringing with them more predictability and all that Yang energy is beginning to slowdown. The body is beginning to crave a slower pace and so we ustilise this change for our own benefit. Working with nature, not against it.

Finding calm inthe Chaos Flyer

This 6 week beginner meditation course has been created to guide you back to the calm that exists within.  My job as a kinesiologist is often one of REEDUCATION and this course builds on this.

Attalia_Whole Self Kinesiology_Indie Lane_LR_49When we live in our head and engage with life only through our thinking mind, we become cut off from the wisdom and safety of our body, estranged from the nourishment of our breath and ruled by our emotions. Life is experienced as chaotic, where anxiety and disengagement are normalised. We spend our time worrying about the future or resenting the past rather than living in the present and having gratitude for all of life’s experiences.

When our mind is experienced as one of the tools we can choose to employ at any given time, we create space for our whole self to be engaged in life. This allows us to tap into the wisdom and power of the heart, the soul and of Nature. We surrender resistance and access the natural curiosity, willingness, acceptance and love that exists within us all.

Let’s make 2019 a year of UNEDUCATION. Where we are learning the truth of ourselves by creating the space to experience ourselves in the moment.


Be curious









Where you at?

Quay OsteoI thought it would be beneficial to remind ya’ll where I’m now practicing from each week. Although the medium of Facebook is useful, it doesn’t reach all the people that like my page and I often receive the question…”Where you at?”

The end of 2017 saw a shift in clinics for me…from Jan Juc Chiro to Quay Osteo in Torquay.

Have you been to Quay yet? It’s a multi disciplinary clinic that has a wonderful range of practitioners and it’s a really beautiful space to work from.


Quay Osteo,

29 Boston Road Torquay, 03 52151106

I am here on Thursdays each week and bookings can be made via me on 0431229166, at reception or even online.

Wednesday and Friday

I also work from my residential clininc space.

55 Alleyne Ave, Torquay on Wednesday and Friday.

Bookings can be made directly with me on 0431229166.








My Hashimotos Journey: Part 3

when things fall apratSo you now know that when I was originally diagnosed I had experienced a parasite and a god awful virus. What some of you might not know is that just 2 years prior, my relationship of almost 8 years ended. At the time I had an 8 week old baby, was living far from home and in a place where I had very few good friends around me.

The Japanese refer to the thyroid gland as the “shock absorber” of the body and for me this was a massive shock. It felt like my entire world was crumbling down and it was. I remember a friend saying to me at the time, “All that is inauthentic is crumbling” and to “gently hold onto the thread of faith that ALL is in perfect order”. Having a three old toddler and an 8 week old baby, my mind could conceive this to a degree, but my body couldn’t. The rug had been pulled and I was falling, desperately trying to find ‘stability’ again.

The interesting thing about stability is that it is so subjective. For some it means money, others is might be company or a warm place to sleep. For me stability was family……even though it was an unhappy one at it’s core. I really didn’t have to search too deeply inside myself to fully acknowledge this truth. It had been something I was avoiding to ensure stability was maintained. The beautful thing about life is that what we are most avoiding  or protecting in terms of a core wound, we eventually have delivered to us on a steaming hot platter. Life asks “How can I best get her to know that nothing outside of her self can give her stability………she must access it from within”

Holy Shit and was it a way to learn!!  Walk the path

Life doesn’t punish, it doesn’t create a problem to be solved. It delivers opportunity and a process to which we can evolve. The small self wants us to believe we or he did something wrong. The soul connects us with the higher truth, that everything is here to elevate our consciousness so we can become more heart centered, open and loving, nourished by our own self love and inner stability.

And so it was.

Being able to move from blame, both of myself and others took some time. My nervous system was so over stimulated that it was hard for me to rest into my truth…our truth. I would have floods of anger come up  and I would channel that energy inward and outward. I gave my liver energy a real beating during those years. On a physial level it’s good to note here that proper liver function is essential to Thyroid Health. I now know that anger can also be channelled upwards in the creation of things and to move us towards courage. It’s not something to be denied, pushed down or avoided. It actually provides us with powerful intelligence on our boundaries.

boundariesAhhhh boundaries……….you gotta have em’, but not all of us do. They are naturally formed by the degree to which we acknowledge our needs, wants, rights and desires and each of these elements sprout from SELF LOVE.

It’s like this…………I have a shit load of self love, therefore I acknowledge what my needs, wants, rights and desires are and hey blammo bourdaries are built. It all starts with self love or in my case I worked back to it. This process started to access healing around my solar plexus and heart chakra.

For me, much of my past relationships did not reflect my needs, want, rights or desires. I cotinually adapted to a life that wasn’t nourishing for me. So when I started to explore these aspects of myself, powerful healing began to take place. This was not just about making a list about what I needed to be in the future, and how others would now treat me, it was about initiating a relationship with myself where I was the first to acknowledge and express my truth…..even when it was uncomfortable……especially when it was uncomfortable. This began to access healing around my throat chakra.

You can see that the approach I take to healing is not one dimesional, it’s not even two dimensional, it is multi dimensional! Why, because you and I are multi dimensional beings and in order to truly embrace this journey that we’re all on, all the levels of this human experiences are explored. Nothing is in isolation….it is all connected somehow.

If you’re ready dip your toe in or or dive deep in to the learning that this process has for you, I would love to support you on your journey back to health.

Call to book in 0431229166