Are you joining us?

🌳SECURE YOUR SPOT NOW🌿 Is one of the last 2 spots yours? 2 X single share spots are now available at A Life in Retreat in March. Have you been trying to find a friend to come along with and had no luck? Look no further, these 2 places can be booked individually making them […]

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Merry Christmas

It’s with excitement that I sit typing this between clients on my last week of work for 2018. We often have a sense of what the upcoming year will be like but we can never know exactly what it will hold. It is the inkling of potential that we feel and project forward with so […]

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Wind down, not up.

Hello lovelies, The interesting thing about this time of year is that according to linear time we are winding down a year, with Christmas close and New Year not far off. The conflict here is that energetically we are winding up, not down. The season of summer brings with it an abundance of yang energy. […]

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2019 Beginner Meditation Course

Finding Calm in the Chaos BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN WITH ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE, PLACES ARE LIMITED. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love (like yourself) This 6 week beginner course is a journey that reconnects us with the calm that exists within us always. Each week we make contact with parts of ourselves […]

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Where you at?

I thought it would be beneficial to remind ya’ll where I’m now practicing from each week. Although the medium of Facebook is useful, it doesn’t reach all the people that like my page and I often receive the question…”Where you at?” The end of 2017 saw a shift in clinics for me…from Jan Juc Chiro to Quay […]

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My Hashimotos Journey: Part 2

Ahhh pride…..a level of consciousness or filter, that has both light and shadow ways of expressing itself. At the beginning, I was demanding of myself wanting to heal fast. I changed my diet and immediately stopped eating gluten. I learned about ‘Molecular Mimicry’ (awesome big word and I feel super smart using it) and this is believed to explain how our immune […]

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