Kinesiology during pregnancy

Throughout the pregnancy of my first child I suffered from morning sickness for thirty weeks and ongoing anxiety. I also experienced a traumatic birth, which had a negative impact on my mental health, leading me to suffer from postnatal depression and anxiety.

After falling pregnant with my second child, the minute my sickness and anxiety started to kick in I panicked. My naturopath recommended that I go and see Attalia. Although I was very reluctant at first, unsure of what kinesiology really was, my head was beginning to get ‘messier’ and I was, dare I say it, ‘hating’ my pregnancy all over again. I really wanted to be someone who embraced their unborn child and not resent the changes that were occurring because of them.

After a 45 minute phone conversation with Attalia, who instantly made me feel calm, I booked my first appointment and embarked on my Wholeself Kinesiology journey and I haven’t turned back yet.

I saw changes immediately after my first session. No longer did my sickness control me, I controlled it. My language had changed from a negative tone, to a supportive and open one. My mind no longer felt as if it was busy with unwanted thoughts, but calmer and rational.

After having such a positive experience with my first few sessions, I could see that an ongoing program would benefit me for my pregnancy, birth and postnatal. By having regular balances, I had time and opportunity to clear many things that were blocking me from having my ideal birth. It also meant that my tank was never empty and I felt in control of my health.

I am so happy and proud to say that my experiences with Attalia supported me through a wonderful birth for my second child. I was in complete control where I used many strategies to keep my thinking focused and calm. I was able to experience an overwhelming feeling of love when I first met my little man. Just being able to feel my emotions at the birth was magical. It was completely different to the traumatic birth of my first. With my balances continuing after the birth, I have managed to steer clear of any signs of postnatal depression and really enjoy the journey of being a mum. I can’t tell you the amount of happiness I feel because of that.

A mixture of Attalia’s harmonious approach and peaceful environment continues to make me feel comfortable and open to every balance. Her advice is simple, effective and easy to put into place in everyday life. I have come to love and trust myself, be mindful of my thoughts, accept all emotions not just happy ones, acknowledge the fact that I am in charge of my destiny and realise that being ‘perfect’ is not a good thing. I have been searching for someone/something to support my physical and mental health since becoming unwell in 2008. You name it, I tried it. It took six long years, but I have finally found someone who supports me wholly. I have and will continue to recommend Attalia to my friends, family and colleagues who feel they are missing something in their lives or just can’t get on top of something. Attalia is worth her weight in gold. She has supported me in changing my life for the better and I look forward to working with her indefinitely.

Serena, Ocean

Kinesiology for preparing for stressful events

I have had several sessions with Whole Self Kiniesiology. The most impressive change I noted was some work Attalia did on a stressful event in my past that I have been living with for a few years. When she muscle tested I was measuring a very high stress reading for the event I had in my mind.
I had a meeting scheduled that was going to potentially trigger that stress again, so she did a balance focussing on that.
It wasn’t until the night before I realised I hadn’t given it any thought (which was great) in the past  the meeting would have consumed my thoughts for days, and I would have had a sick feeling in my stomach.
I slept really well the night before, and travelling to Melbourne for the meeting was enjoyable. The meeting was extremely relaxed, I approached it like a different person.
  • Belinda

Kinesiology for overall balance

I have been working with Attalia during 2013 and have loved it. It’s really helped me in all aspects of my life, depending on what I needed balanced. Attalia always makes me feel comfortable and I feel amazing after a session with her. I would highly recommend ‘Whole Self Kinesiology’ to anyone who want to feel better about themselves and life!
  • Ellen, Geelong

Kinesiology for energy and Vitality

I first went to see Attalia at Whole Self Kinesiology in relation to my “dairy intolerance”. I had been off dairy for a year, but was still experiencing some of the same symptoms. After just one session, I was breathing much easier and had significant reduction in chest and nasal congestion. The balance also bought up some emotional issues that I have probably been ignoring for most of my life. I still avoid dairy – as removing it from my diet has been beneficial, so during my second session I worked with Attalia to help remove my cravings for cheese. Now, I couldn’t imagine enjoying eating cheese – quite amazing! Attalia is professional, approachable and nurturing, and shows a genuine interest in your health and well-being.  Thanks Attalia!

  • Janelle, Torquay

One thought on “Praise

  1. My work with Attalia has been a pure delight. Attalia is a very kind hearted and understanding practitioner with genuine care for her clients’ wellbeing.
    My energetic experience with Attalia’s application of kinesiology was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Her ability to read and translate what my body needed was incredible. With her support I was able to broaden my limited diet and exude energy. Previous plans of a busy schedule was something I dreaded due to the lack of energy and stamina. With Attalia’s ability to rebalance my body and provide ongoing support the ‘lack of’ energy simply was no longer something I had to cater for.
    Attalia has a mixed range of hours to cater to her clients’ availability and a beautiful heart to address every clients’ needs with care.

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