Activate Your Joy

The fire element showed up big time in clinic this week. The common themes were re-connection with passion, playfulness lightness and being nourished. Each of these qualities flowering from a connection to Joy our ability to receive.

How often do you feel joy? Every day, once a week, once a month? Joy is our birthright and is not something we grow out of. Joy is not something that gets put away with the toys. Instead it is ever present and always available… kind of like a child’s ability to have fun with a stick, a box or a piece of string.

When Joy is absent from life the ability to connect to what feels good is lost.

We don’t know how to nourish ourselves because we don’t know what feels good anymore.

We don’t know what to pursue and where to put our attention because we don’t know what feels good anymore

Life feels heavy and like hard work because we don’t know what feels good anymore.

I love the quote “Before I built a wall,I’d ask to know what I was walling in and what I was walling out” Robert Frost

The walls we put around our hearts, the need to protect ourselves from the possibility of loss overcomes all else. The walls we build inhibit full giving and receiving. Joy stops flowing replaced by caution.

Let the walls down. Let joy run it’s path the way a child does. You are safe. Explore your passions. Love.

Be curious

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