Merry Christmas

Christmas card

It’s with excitement that I sit typing this between clients on my last week of work for 2018.

We often have a sense of what the upcoming year will be like but we can never know exactly what it will hold. It is the inkling of potential that we feel and project forward with so much hope and aspirations. For me 2018 has been the container of many wonderful highlights both professionally and personally. I would love to share just a few and trust that however your year started and ends you are able to embrace the opportunity each moment has held for you which allows you to edge closer to your own truth and potential.

Professional Highlights 

  • Obtaining my Mindfulness and Meditation Diploma and undertaking over 300 hours of meditation
  • Expanding my kinesiology practice with expert mentors.
  • Working with more men in the clinic. This has been a wonderful addition and has had profound impacts on the families I am working with. I look forward to supporting more men and their families in 2019.
  • Joining the Quay Osteo Family. This collective of amazing practitioner offers something very special and unique to the Surf Coast.

Highlights of the clients I work with

This year has been super exciting with so many amazing transformation for my clients.

  • Relationships have begun and ended
  • Babies have been conceived and born
  • Weddings have been planned and experienced.
  • Careers have grown and shifted
  • Houses have been bought and sold
  • Marathons have been trained for and completed
  • Lives have been lived and let go of

These changes have been navigated by letting go of old patterns and returning to a sense of safety and trust in life. Clients have created boundaries that have supported them living and speaking their truth. They have surrendered the need for control giving over to the divine nature of life. For me witnessing the transformation of the people I work with gives me such joy and I have reverence for each and everyone of you.

My Personal Highlights

• Buying a beautiful home in Forrest. Pssst…………. The location of next years retreats.

A sneak peek here

• Learning Qi Gong techniques. which have cultivated my energy.

• Undertaking over 300 hours of meditation this year. Let me tell you this has been life changing.

• Developing many new friendship and professional relationships. There are some amazing men and women on the planet.

• Massive life changing personal shifts-a-plenty.

• Ending the year energised and enthusiastic.

Life continues to give me exactly what I need to evolve to the highest version of myself. In this I trust….I hope you do too.

If I have worked with you this year…….it has been an absolutely pleasure and honour. Thank you for showing up for yourself. Thank you for being curious and having the courage to explore yourself beyond the surface. It is in the depths of ourselves we find our truth.

From my heart thank you.

Love Attalia xxxxxxxxxxxx


PS…. Just because it’s so exciting I want to give you a little heads up about 2019.

Stay tuned for:

  • Upcoming Meditation Courses
  • Online Group Healing Sessions
  • RETREATS!! Yep I’m super excited to be collaborating with other amazing practitioners and creatives in the creation of weekend retreats in Forrest. Details to come on Jan 1st!




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