Wind down, not up.

Hello lovelies,

The interesting thing about this time of year is that according to linear time we are winding down a year, with Christmas close and New Year not far off. The conflict here is that energetically we are winding up, not down.

The season of summer brings with it an abundance of yang energy. This energy is big and brings with it the power to do.

These polarities can leave us feeling pulled in many directions, without a centre or grounding. This state is less than comfortable and can lead to frustration, exhaustion and a loss of joy for what can be a really love filled time. Connection with friends and family, time off and beautiful weather can be embraced and celebrated.

Embrace the joy of the Chrissy period.

There is just a few sessions left before I head off on my well deserved Christmas break. But before then, I’d love to support you feeling balanced, grateful and fully connected so this time of year nourishes you and the people you love.

Can’t come in person?

Easy, I also offer Skype balances all over Australia and the world. Distance is no limitation but time is so book your session quick.

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