Where you at?

Quay OsteoI thought it would be beneficial to remind ya’ll where I’m now practicing from each week. Although the medium of Facebook is useful, it doesn’t reach all the people that like my page and I often receive the question…”Where you at?”

The end of 2017 saw a shift in clinics for me…from Jan Juc Chiro to Quay Osteo in Torquay.

Have you been to Quay yet? It’s a multi disciplinary clinic that has a wonderful range of practitioners and it’s a really beautiful space to work from.


Quay Osteo,

29 Boston Road Torquay, 03 52151106

I am here on Thursdays each week and bookings can be made via me on 0431229166, at reception or even online.

Wednesday and Friday

I also work from my residential clininc space.

55 Alleyne Ave, Torquay on Wednesday and Friday.

Bookings can be made directly with me on 0431229166.








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