My Hashimotos Journey: Part 3

when things fall apratSo you now know that when I was originally diagnosed I had experienced a parasite and a god awful virus. What some of you might not know is that just 2 years prior, my relationship of almost 8 years ended. At the time I had an 8 week old baby, was living far from home and in a place where I had very few good friends around me.

The Japanese refer to the thyroid gland as the “shock absorber” of the body and for me this was a massive shock. It felt like my entire world was crumbling down and it was. I remember a friend saying to me at the time, “All that is inauthentic is crumbling” and to “gently hold onto the thread of faith that ALL is in perfect order”. Having a three old toddler and an 8 week old baby, my mind could conceive this to a degree, but my body couldn’t. The rug had been pulled and I was falling, desperately trying to find ‘stability’ again.

The interesting thing about stability is that it is so subjective. For some it means money, others is might be company or a warm place to sleep. For me stability was family……even though it was an unhappy one at it’s core. I really didn’t have to search too deeply inside myself to fully acknowledge this truth. It had been something I was avoiding to ensure stability was maintained. The beautful thing about life is that what we are most avoiding  or protecting in terms of a core wound, we eventually have delivered to us on a steaming hot platter. Life asks “How can I best get her to know that nothing outside of her self can give her stability………she must access it from within”

Holy Shit and was it a way to learn!!  Walk the path

Life doesn’t punish, it doesn’t create a problem to be solved. It delivers opportunity and a process to which we can evolve. The small self wants us to believe we or he did something wrong. The soul connects us with the higher truth, that everything is here to elevate our consciousness so we can become more heart centered, open and loving, nourished by our own self love and inner stability.

And so it was.

Being able to move from blame, both of myself and others took some time. My nervous system was so over stimulated that it was hard for me to rest into my truth…our truth. I would have floods of anger come up  and I would channel that energy inward and outward. I gave my liver energy a real beating during those years. On a physial level it’s good to note here that proper liver function is essential to Thyroid Health. I now know that anger can also be channelled upwards in the creation of things and to move us towards courage. It’s not something to be denied, pushed down or avoided. It actually provides us with powerful intelligence on our boundaries.

boundariesAhhhh boundaries……….you gotta have em’, but not all of us do. They are naturally formed by the degree to which we acknowledge our needs, wants, rights and desires and each of these elements sprout from SELF LOVE.

It’s like this…………I have a shit load of self love, therefore I acknowledge what my needs, wants, rights and desires are and hey blammo bourdaries are built. It all starts with self love or in my case I worked back to it. This process started to access healing around my solar plexus and heart chakra.

For me, much of my past relationships did not reflect my needs, want, rights or desires. I cotinually adapted to a life that wasn’t nourishing for me. So when I started to explore these aspects of myself, powerful healing began to take place. This was not just about making a list about what I needed to be in the future, and how others would now treat me, it was about initiating a relationship with myself where I was the first to acknowledge and express my truth…..even when it was uncomfortable……especially when it was uncomfortable. This began to access healing around my throat chakra.

You can see that the approach I take to healing is not one dimesional, it’s not even two dimensional, it is multi dimensional! Why, because you and I are multi dimensional beings and in order to truly embrace this journey that we’re all on, all the levels of this human experiences are explored. Nothing is in isolation….it is all connected somehow.

If you’re ready dip your toe in or or dive deep in to the learning that this process has for you, I would love to support you on your journey back to health.

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