My Hashimotos Journey: Part 2

Ahhh pride…..a level of consciousness or filter, that has both light and shadow ways of expressing itself. At the beginning, I was demanding of myself wanting to heal fast. I changed my diet and immediately stopped eating gluten. I learned about ‘Molecular Mimicry’ (awesome big word and I feel super smart using it) and this is believed to explain how our immune system can be “tricked”into attacking the thyroid cells because gluten has an almost identical molecular structure to the Thyroid cell. Totally Keep goingamazing hey?!  So straight up, I got off the stuff!!  I also stopped eating dairy  and night shades. It’s believed that dairy products are a major cause in the development of chronic inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases (Melnik, 2009 Melnik, B. C. (2009).

The amazing thing about choosing to change what I was put in my body, meant that after a while my system became really sensitive. Not in a bad way, but in a low toxic way, where I could feel when I had taken in something that was not energy enhancing. This was a big win for me, I was becoming more aware. I ate supplements galore………..yes the Thyroid needs micronutrients and stopped wine………for a bit….. this was a hard one. Oh and I dived  DEEP into the emotional and spiritual aspects of the imbalance. I’ll  share more on these essential aspects in Part 3. This next one is BIG and full of JUICY transformation.

Now, of all the actions I took and the things I…. some stuck…. some didn’t, there was one  thing that held strong and that was the belief that “My body can heal from this, this is not a forever thing (like I’d been told). My body knows what is needed, I just need to ask it”  The gift of my journey so far, is that I know people who have reversed the condition.

So pride then begins to serve me. For me it breed indifference. I was indifferent to a diagnosis and firmly dug my heals into my own truth. This truth was and still is that with a holistic and progressive approach healing is possible.

This is the belief I hold true in my heart and wish the same for you. It can be less than easy to hold strong to this belief when the mainstream approach to thyroid and immuneCapatin 1 imbalance are so one tracked. But for us….. it’s an amazing time to be alive! What a blessing to have access to kinesiologists, functional doctors, naturopaths, craniosacral practitioners, herbalist, energy healers, soul psychotherapist and the list goes on. These light workers see you as the leader in your health journey..…the captain of the ship, while they act as the navigator giving you real information, options and alternatives.

What belief systems to you hold about your body’s ability to heal? Do you feel it has let you down? Do you believe there is nothing else that can be done? Are you living with a sentence?

Be curious!

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