My Hashimotos Story

Healing is not linearIn Late, 2016 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease after going to get some testing done on my gut. I had just returned from Spain and wasn’t happy with the bloating and strange bowel movements I was having since getting back ( I know gross…but true). I knew there was something wrong and test results came back positive for a parasite.    #did know that thereis growing evidence that both viruses and parasites can trigger or make Thyroid dysfunction worse.

With parasite in my belly (little bugger…not meant to be there) my immune system was comprimised and when I came in contact with some friends (thanks jerks) who were unwell and I managed to contract a nasty virus. This beast of a virus confined me to bed for almost 3 weeks. For those that’s don’t know me personally, I don’t get sick often so during this period of time I got SLAMMED and to make this even more complex the additional tests I’d had done showed low Thyroid Function.

The problem so far parasite + Virus + Low Thyroid function= A shell of a person

My knowledge of Thyroid at the time was pretty minimal…basically I knew that it affected weight….not the extent of what it actually regulates. Holy crap there’s soooo many things. After the initial diagnosis of LOW Thyroid ( said in a god like voice) The Doctor was waiting to see if there was any antibody activity which would indicate AUTOIMMUNE…. “Dun, Dun, Dun”(Dramatic Sound) I remember thinking “Fuck no, please don’t be that”.

It was just two days later that I received my diagnosis of Hashimotos. I have to be honest…. I was sitting in my car by myself when the Doctor notified me and I remember crying and not wanting to get out of the car.….….ever! I went inside and lay in my bed all day and cried.

As a highly sensitive and aware person who has been a seeker of the truth of myself for a long time….. I felt I’d missed something! How could this happen to me?? Someone in the healing profession for gods sake! Now I was sick, bugger, bugger, bugger.

ShameFor some time I was quite hard on myself feeling like I’d really fucked up, I’d dropped the ball and that all the work I’d been doing for so many years had been a big waste of time! This attitude and level of consciousness…I hope you can pick it was…..shame…..and it lasted sometime. It prevented me from learning about the thyroid and properly healing it in a consistent and loving manner. I essentially gave myself over to other Kinesiologists. I didn’t want to deal with it myself or take responsibility for it. I was like ‘you fix me and do it fast’ because then I can replace the shame with pride. And I got results!

My approach wasn’t linear. It wasn’t  singularly focused. It called on me to explore my mind, body and spirit.

Stay tuned to keep hearing about my story.

If you are interested in working with me, reach out…let’s chat. I work both with people in person and over distance. There is away to better Thyroid function and I’d love to support you on your journey to Optimal Thryoid Health.                                      0431229166

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