Every Problem of the Body Is Telling You Something

Whether it is physical, emotional or mental you are receiving a message that something needs to change.
Let’s look at some messages expressed as physical problems. So many of us struggle with back pain. Here are some insights about what emotional and spiritual aspects can be involved in these problems.
The Spine
In general, messages relate to support, responsibility and stability.
Neck- Rigidity, not able to make decisions, resisting your environment. Feeling vulnerable and out of your depth.
Middle back- Feeling responsible for others, blurred lines between what is your issue and what is not. Humiliations, embarrassment; feeling dominated and controlled.
Lower back- Financial responsibilities, others needs, burdens; feeling under pressure.
Living a life where we feel overly responsible for others, or we have suffered humiliation that closes us in can manifests on the physical level in generating pain and discomfort.
Trust that your body is always doing it’s best to maintain homeostasis and through expanding our own awareness of the messages of the body pain can be eliminated and comfort restored.
Do you or someone you love suffer from back pain? What relevance do these message have for you?
Creating change isn’t just about the physical manipulation of the body to stop pain,  but rather getting to the cause and learning from the message so that all of life improves not just your back.
Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy. 

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