Heart Opening 

This morning I did a beautiful yin yoga session. I love the facilitator as she grounds the practice in Meridian and chakra knowledge which is what I vibe on. Activating and nourishing these energy centres has created a deeper connection with yoga for me. 

As I walked through the door I read the sign “yoga of the heart” and I tuned into my heart. I realised I hadn’t been there consciously in weeks. Arriving a little early I lay down, dropping into a deep heart opening posture. I lay for a while and felt this deep sadness well up. I could say it was unexpected but it wasn’t so I allowed the tears to flow. I wondered for a moment what other people would think, but cleared my mind and dropped back into my heart letting the gentle sobs release. 

The heart is the centre of love, compassion and forgiveness. It’s adversely affected by hate, judgement and betrayal leading to sadness. 

So if all of this sadness was welling up and spilling out how could I help myself. I had felt subtle sadness and uncertainty for a few days. DOING my best to contain and reason it away….completely uncomfortable with the feeling. 
I had reacted in ways that were not authentic and only created momentary relief. As I reflected on this my teacher said “growth comes from experiencing what is uncomfortable without reaction” staying with the body and allowing the sensations to flow through without resistance or control. I had been resisting and controlling. 

My heart expanded to these words and my mind integrated, knowing that being uncomfortable is ok and is necessary. By allowing time we give ourselves the opportunity to act authentically and  in alignment with our true self, not driven by the egos need for certainty and validation. 

The full richness of life is missed when the heart closes. Today I encourage you to experience this posture knowing it is opening and healing of the heart. Embrace the uncomfortability if it’s there. No resistance, no control just feel and trust.

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