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About The Whole SELF HEALING Journey.

#Questions and clarification
“I see you each month, what is the benefit of joining The Whole Self Healing Journey?”
Answer: Every client I work with walks away with new awareness, tools and techniques for lifehealing. Many of them do their ‘homework’ and continue to create great shifts after their session. The purpose of the group is to use the collective energy that is created through women uniting all at the one time towards a common healing goal. The parts support the whole! There is great power in connection.
“I’m worried about being judged by other people in the group”
freeAnswer: Our first month focuses on moving from Ego to Soul. Judgement of others as well as ourselves comes from the Ego. The
Liquid crystal Elestial Quartz supports this transformation with angelic truth about ourselves. The soul is open free, loving an compassionate. The Ego is not. It is competitive judgmental and isolating. The aim is to acknowledge the Egos presences and return peaceful tot he souls wisdom.
Keep the questions coming!!

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