The Whole Self Healing Journey

The Whole SELF-HEALING  journey is a 6 month program designed to realign you with your authentic soulful self. The part of you yearning to be seen and heard.

I know you because you are like me, a seeker. You are looking for that thing that will take heckyesaway the discomfort and the pain, felt as a dull ache deep within your being. The thing that will transform the emptiness to compassion, the fear to love, separateness to oneness, force to flow and the illusion to truth. I have been where you are and I want you to know you are not alone. You are not alone! 

I know you have felt disconnected, lost and confused at times and that’s why this space has been created. This is not just a space, it is a sisterhood and you are invited to be a part of it.

surroundyourselfwithpeoplewhoareonlygoingtolifyyouhigher-mm (1)What it is

  • Listening to your soul
  • Expressing yourself fearlessly
  • Knowing who you are and your true needs are
  • Accepting and activating your feminine qualities.
  • Restoring the fun and freedom of the inner child.

Through this you become self responsible, empowered and conscious. Healing becomes sustainable and change and transformation is experienced as an ongoing opportunity to expand and grow.

Is this for me?dothingsfromsoul-mysticmamma

  • Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself?
  • Do you become silent or over emotional when you need to speak your truth?
  • Do you put the needs of everyone else before yourself and then feel resentful?
  • Are you pushing and striving and not getting what you are working so hard for?
  • Do you know what lights you up and do you allow yourself to have fun?
  • Do you expect perfection?

What you receive

6 Month Membership to the Whole SELF HEALING online Facebook space.
6 x 21 Day Liquid Crystal Healing Remedies (1 each month)
Up to 8 individual Liquid Crystal programs per bottle.
6 x Master Healing Grids (1 each Month)
Weekly healing techniques, inspiration and empowerment
1 x Journal
1 x Chakra Healing Meditation

Total Value

Over $900

Total Saving

Your Investment In YOU


Payment options

Pay $342 in full
(+ 48 AU postage required)

Pay $57 per month by credit card via pay pal
(+ postage of $48 AU required)

How to join

It is my wish that if you want to take this opportunity money doesn’t stop you. So I have meganmiller-inthistogethercreated some options for you.

  1. Pay in full or in installments
  2. Collect or have all remedies posted to you.


If you wish to collect your remedies use the links below

If paying in full click here to purchase your membership

If paying by the month click here to purchase your membership


If you wish to have the remedies posted use the links below

If paying in full click here to purchase your membership

If paying by the month click here to purchase your membership


To create a safe and secure space where you can feel open and free to be yourself I am limiting the number of people in the group, so I encourage you to act fast so you don’t miss out.

Love to you all and I look forward to connecting with you in the Private Whole SELF HEALING Space on Facebook.


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