WSK Changes for 2016

Change is the only constant and often it can take a while to adjust too. But don’t worry yourself too much these changes are all good for you…..and me.

Consultation Days

My days remain Tuesday and Thursday each week. For after hours services Tuesday is your best option with sessions available from 9am til 7.15 pm. If PM is essential for you, I encourage you to book early as these times are popular and in demand. Additional PM sessions are available by calling me on 0431229166.


1 hour Kinesiology Sessions

1.5 hr Kinesiology Parent Child Balance

12 Hour Crystal Healing   NEW

1 hr Skype Balance

7 Month Membership to the Whole Self Healing Space  NEW

Flexible Payment

In 2015 I had a lot of positive feedback about my online booking system. It’s such a great service allowing you to check and book your sessions online with ease. In 2015 payment was required at the time of booking, however to this year i I have modified the ways in which you can pay.

Now you can:

Pay by credit card at the time of booking


Pay by direct deposit or cash. This method of payment must be received before or on the day of your session.

Please note that the same policy exists for cancellations.

I trust this new flexible arrangement will be an awesome change for everyone, avoiding disappointment by allowing you to book in advance.


I’m looking forward to supporting you in creating the change you need to really love yourself and your life. It’s about time don’t you think?!


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