Bold and Brazen

All month my attention has been drawn to my own pelvis region, to the Sacral energy center. During everyday activities my sacral chakra has Orange flowersimply demanded more attention from me and this has come in the form of a dull ache, slight uncomfortability, less flexibility and so on.

During my daily meditation I would I attempt to start at the root Chakra, but inevitably my attention would be drawn upwards and be held at my pelvis area for some time. This meant that my meditation this month started at my sacral chakra and I would stay their balancing the energy with attention and breathing until I felt that my attention was able to be released and move down to the root chakra.

It’s important to know that chakra balancing should only ever be done from the root upwards, never from the crown downwards.

What I know is that with any meditative practice it’s good to have flexibility to really tune into what the body wants, not what we think it wants or what fits into a guided meditation.

This month was interesting. Like I’ve said before, becoming familiar with the qualities of each of the Chakras means that when particular attention is paid to one with the intent to balance it, we’re equipped with an understanding of some of the ways it might show in physicality of everyday life.

With this in mind I kept my awareness on these qualities of the Sacral Chakra:

  1. Letting go
  2. Creative, sexual and individual expression.
  3. Manifestation
  4. Desire and delight

The most powerful shift for me this month was around individuation. The ability to let go, manifest and tune onto my own desire and delight all stem from being aligned to my own inner authority and wisdom.

Moving from tribal, family and community thought patterns to being my own inner authority. Trusting my own intuition, wisdom and feelings.

What this meant for me was that on the most simple level I questioned………..’what have I been I saying yes to and why?’ What have I been ‘allowing’ which isn’t in alignment with the life I seek to live and create.

So I noticed…………

yesI would say ‘yes’ to things that didn’t feel right. Whether it was an invitation, opinion or idea, to keep the peace and survive I would conform. We all do this to some extent because we believe it keeps us safe, but I decided the perception of safety was actually keeping me small.

My personal power, creativity and desire for the real me to expand was being suppressed.

So I stopped doing it.

I stopped say ‘yes’ straight away and instead took my time to decide. The adage “say yes and figure out how” doesn’t wshhhhork for me 100% of the time. I focused more on the feeling I got from an opinion, gave that part of myself validation for being an indicator of my truth. I paid attention to whose voice was in my head when I agreed with an idea. Funnily enough sometimes it’s our parents, teachers, the governments or even TV advertisers. To truly have individual expression these need to be silenced.

The core and most destructive emotions that inhibit the sacral chakra energy  are GUILT and SHAME. These toxic emotions plague the human Vanillaconsciousness and often result in fear of being an individual and instead everyone ends up ‘vanilla’. All kind of the same! As I said there is safety in this, but living with guilt that we should be doing something or shame that we did something that was unacceptable leads to an unfulfilled existence of not knowing ourselves and chasing someone else’s dream.

So often I work with clients that are constantly bombarded with I should, I must, I have too. This inner dialogue drains the delight out of life because dreamsthey are always questioning themselves. Is this right, is this wrong.

Kinesiology and chakra balancing can support you activating your own inner authority, creating a kick arse life that reflects your dreams, wants, needs and desires right now in this his life time. To work together book here


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