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What the BLEEP is Kinesiology

Free Evening TalkDec. 3rd @ 7pmThis Free event is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the healing potential of KinesiologyYou will hear about the depth and breath of what imbalances Kinesiology can support and the tools that this healing art employs to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. You will see kinesiology principles in action through live demonstrations.

It is also a chance to ask the questions you have been curious about.

  • How it works?

  • What it does?

  • What it doesn’t do?

  • Is it for me?

This is a relaxed, intimate event for the curious of mind and heart. It is for the person that wishes to explore a holistic pathway to healing and create physical, metal, emotional and spirtual balance in their life so they can achieve their full potential each and every day.

My gift to you………

All participants that attend this free evening talk will receive a complimentary Meridian Emotions DIY Balancing chart for at home use. This is especially supportive for managing the emotions throughout the “Silly Season”. 


Organic Herbal tea will  be served for your enjoyment. 

I look forward to seeing you there.

Love Attalia XX

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