I felt unsafe, I felt insecure and I felt alone.

The intensity of these feelings are not my usual experience of the world, however what I am learning is that these may not show up in all their intensity every day, but their subtle energy pervades much of what do we….. or what we’re too scared to do.

The simple intention to cleanse and balance the Root Chakra is a powerful force that’s begins the process of peeling back and allowing that which needs to be addressed to come to the surface.roots

At first it can feel uncertain and very uncomfortable and this is ok. It’s important to stay connected with the intent so that when life begins to shift, a cord of hope can be held on to tightly too. It’s easy to forget that transformation sometimes moves from the darkness into the light.

So for me I felt unsafe.

I am woman with two children and together we live in a beautiful home which is located in a secluded little spot surrounded by trees and wild life. I have a sweet pooch who is gentle yet protective and lovingly sleeps at the front of the house most of the day and night.

All of my life I have felt comfortable on my own, whether it’s day or night I’m happy. I have always felt safe and that nothing could or would ever hurt me. So it was a surprise to me that when I started to work on my Root Chakra this temporarily changed.

The intereAlbiesting way this sense of feeling unsafe manifested for me was in my ‘unusual’ fear that belongings of mine had gone missing from my house. Most significantly my dog one morning! I woke up and went out to greet Albie only to find he
was not home. With a secure yard my mind went straight to ‘someone has stolen him’ and this was my first thought! This fear, stemming from ‘I’m unsafe’ sent me into a frightened state. As it turns out, my wonderful neighbour who is one of my greatest supports had taken Albie for a walk. What was even more interesting and synchronistic was that when I eventually found him, my neighbour’s first response was “It’s ok you’re safe” He had no idea why I was upset, but they were his first words.

So how and why did the imbalance show up like this?

The interesting thing to know is that the Root Chakra is associated with upbringing and early life. It is in this energetic center for tribal beliefs and programming are inherited.  So for me this is what showed.  It demonstrated a tribal belief at play and gave me the Family Tribeopportunity, wisdom and awareness to clear the block through personalised remedies, returning me to a state of peace and safety. Using the Belinda Davidson Chakra Cleanse is one of the supports I used. What I know is this feeling was a vibration existing in my root Chakra. Without clearing it, it would continue to activate and create the illusion of ‘I am unsafe’.  I call it an illusion because it was a program, not my real experience.

So my journey continues free of this old tribal belief.

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