The Base Chakra: My Chakra Journey

So today I begin my Root Chakra cleanse. It will last for a month and involves a beautiful array of practices that cleanse, transmute and restore energetic balance to my Root Chakra. This process combines the work of the inspirational and amazing Belinda Davidson. This amazing woman is the ‘Queen of Chakras’ and the founder of the School of the Modern Mystic. Check it out here.  She is an expert in the field of self-healing and mindfulness and has devoted her life to serving and inspiring others to heal themselves through complete Chakra balance. The Level One course is an in depth and comprehensive journey to self-healing and I recommend it to anyone. belinda

Much of what I share with you is a combined approach to Chakra healing with the core practice of meditation using Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse Meditation. This can be found and purchased here. As I am a student of the School Of the modern Mystic I will not be revealing too much of what is done in the school so to honor the entire process that Belinda has created. I enthusiastically encourage you to undertake the course yourself as well as working with a practitioner that has an in depth knowledge of the Chakras as a core healing system.

So what’s important to know about the Root, Base or 1st Chakra?

base pointFirstly it’s located at the perineum and is red in colour and its colour can dependent on its health. Once connection is made with this Chakra using all the senses, many of us are able to assess it’s health by what we see, hear, smell and taste. For me, I visualise the chakra and notice the colour, shape, vitality of it. I have been working with my chakras for many years and have only just started using all my sense to tune into them. The more attention I give to the area the more it shows itself to me.

What are the qualities of the Root Chakra?

The core associations with the Root Chakra are:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Belonging
  • Procreation
  • Groundedness
  • The Hips and lower body.
  • The endocrine system

An imbalance in the Root Chakra will disturb these aspects of our being. I thought my Root Chakra was rocking and this would be a breeze, but when I began cleansing it I quickly realised it totally wasn’t and each of these qualities showed itself to me. The beauty of this journey is that if we can trust that the shadow parts of the process are only present because of the light parts of it, then we can move through them with less resistance.

So I frootselt unsafe. I felt insecure. I felt like I didn’t belong and through all of this I felt ungrounded and floating. Find out this week how this showed up in my life and what I did to move through it with grace and trust.

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