The Chakras : My Personal Journey to Whole Self Healing. 

I’m excited because over the next 7 months I’ll be delivering to you a series of posts that focus on educating, inspiring and
motivating you to create Whole Self balance through the 7 Chakras. The best thing about this journey is that it’s a personal one. You now have a front row seat, witnessing( if you choose) the process I go through in cleansing, balancing and strengthening my 7 major Chakras.

Chakras-colours-whole-self-kinesiologyThis process is challenging! I know this because I’ve tried it once before and I gave up! Last year I did this process starting in September and I got to the heart Chakra and fell a part. The intensity was too overwhelming for me at that time of my life  as I was going through a separation with a new born…kinda full on stuff! This year is different in so many ways and I’m grateful to my self that I’m embarking on this again.

So you guys get to come along for the ride……..Riding the highs and lows with me. You’ll get to see that transformation even for a kinesiologist isn’t all roses and can be damn hard…but totally worth it.

During this process I’ll be focusing on the 7 major Chakras that are all located down the midline of the body. I have them, you have them….. all humans have them.

Each Chakra has specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions. When they are balanced, healthy and in harmony the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being are in balance. Relationships work, we feel safe, we manifest our desires, we connect with our higher purpose and more!!!images

However when they’re not balanced dis-ease, dysfunction and disorder manifest. We feel like we don’t belong, we have poor relationships,we lose creativity, feel guilty and scared and life generally sucks.

The challenges in your life right now will be the product of Chakra trouble! So it’s time to create change too.

Chakra-Whole-Self-Kinesiology-TorquayThe more I work with clients in my practice the more I see the power and necessity of Chakra balance. The body is an amazing things and what each body needs is different so there’s no one size fits all in the healing process. There are regular practices that support balance but often the simple and gentle techniques are different for every client.This is cool because every Chakra is different and every bodies story is unique. So Chakra balance is the key to success and fulfillment.  If you feel the calling to start this journey too simply click here to book a session with me.

Stay tuned this week for the first installment of the My Chakra Journey.

The Root Chakra is where it’s at!

Attalia XX

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