Are You Willing to Receive?

I can do it myself!!!Quote Willingness to receive Torquay Kinesiology

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in the last 2 years I would be rich and many of you will have had the same experience with your toddlers. They’re determined to master a skill alone, even if anger, frustration and hysteria seemingly dominate the the process. Being able to do things ourselves is an essential life skill. As children, our parents rightfully celebrated when we could tie our own shoe laces, when we could wash our own hands and eat dinner with our own folk. “You did it your self!’ We tell them.

As I observe this process in my daughter it has me contemplating. How many of us are stuck in this pattern, unable to ask for support or unable to accept it? Quietly saying to ourselves “I can do it myself!’ All the while, feeling unsupported and like the burden of the world is on our shoulders.

I often have clients that come to see me about stress and tension in their neck and shoulders. This is often the problem they wish to solve. They want to move freely.  As kinesiology is holistic and balances the Whole Self we look at and test the metaphysical aspects of an imbalance.

The following are some metaphysical indicators for shoulder imbalances

  • ‘Feeling weighed down by responsibility and willing to take on more.
  • Value is measured by how much you do for others.
  • You do not trust others to support you and you prefer to support others.
  • Your efforts don’t pay off and you are left feeling frustrated, exhausted and depleted’

These are paraphrased from Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy, Volume

You can see that these imbalances come from not receiving. They come from the Quote Feminine receptivity Torquay Kinesiologysense of being trapped and unable to move freely in life.

It is essential we recognise the need to receive. We happily give to others, so let’s start giving to ourselves.

As women our nature is receptivity, we receive.

Feminine energy doesn’t have to do anything. It simply is. There is no outward action associated with this energy. It is about being. Instead of this energy going out to meet the world, the world rises to meet it, which is why it is associated with receptivity. Yet, it is not passive; it is open. We have learned to associate recep­tivity and stillness with passivity and laziness, but true feminine energy is like a powerful vortex into which you are irresistibly and joyfully drawn. In its stillness it is potent. It draws you in” (

Being a woman can be challenging with all the mixed messages of what we should or shouldn’t be doing. We are left confused and for many of us the greatest sense of control in all the uncertainty is to do it ourselves. That way we remain free of the perceived judgement of others. So that I am always a good enough mother, sister, daughter, employee, at home mum, business owner because I’m doing it all. We just keep taking on more, our load gets heavier and in many cases our neck and shoulders become more painful.

Being able to ask for help and accept what is offered takes practice. Kinesiology supports you in changing your mindset and beliefs around self worth, love, acceptance and vulnerability. It makes asking for help and accepting support an empowering choice where stepping into vulnerability is rewarded with a lighter load and greater self love.

I encourage you to reflect now on when the last time was you accepted help. When you said ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ and used the time to nourish yourself. If you can’t think of a time, you may be ready to get started so book here

Some food for thought………………

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