I am enough

This core belief is fundamental to self love. It is when we truly love and accept ourselves that we return to our natural state. Our authentic self naturally expands and we stop ‘trying’Quote I am Enough Torquay Kinesiology Kinesiologist Torquay

Every time we berate ourselves for what we should have, could have or must have done we devalue ourselves. It’s easy to think it’s other devaluing us, but the people around us are simply responding to the beliefs we have about ourselves. They are just mirroring the parts of us that need the most love and light.

For you right now is this a part of you that needs love and light?  If it is, what would life be like for you if you believed you were enough? If you believed that the parts of  you hide and keep in the shadows are actually your most beautiful. Can you imagine it?

Let me help you……..

It would mean that you are smart enough, funny enough, fit enough, calm enough, tall enough, creative enough, spiritual enough, successful enough, connected enough, open enough, reliable enough, lovable enough!!

Quote Joy Torquay Kinesiology Kinesiologist Torquay

This is your potential

This is how you were born. This is how your sister, brother, mother, father were all born….. Our conditioning….the messages we received as children through unconscious parenting,  the media, our peers, and schooling all foster competition and comparison.

How often have you celebrated your own successes, then quickly focused on what needs to be done next in order to get to where someone else is?

Self love manifests from self focus!

By being able to celebrate where we have individually been and where we individually wish to go. By being more connected to ourselves today than we were yesterday.

To instill the belief that I AM ENOUGH use others as inspiration and always stay grateful for where you are at in your own journey. We reduce ourselves by comparing to others. This learned behaviour robs us of what is real and what is magnificent about us.

Do you see your magnificence? Do you feel your magnificence?  Quote Inner child Torquay Kinesiology Kinesiology Torquay 

Much of the trauma associated with AM I ENOUGH comes from childhood experiences. As an adult one of the most powerful ways to heal ourselves and to return to a state of love is to reconnect with and nurture our own inner child.

Our inner child often needs to be reeducated about how much it is loved and accepted. Our inner child needs to know it is ENOUGH and this allows for the integration of the child and adult selves to become Whole again. Within Kinesiology there are many powerful  techniques and remedies that support these transformational change.

quote gratitude Torquay Kinesiology Kinesiology Torquay

No matter where you are along your journey, gratitude makes who you are right now enough. Today I encourage you to begin with one thing each day that you are grateful for about yourself. Not just about what has come into your life today, but about you. At the start this might be challenging as you may have never empowered yourself in this way. In time what you quietly affirm to yourself expands, and then you can comfortably say these things out loud and it becomes the way to connect to yourself without conscious thought.

The power of Kinesiology expands your awareness. It supports you becoming your own best friend and fan. It is a powerful pathway to healing the stressors in your life that have prevented you from living a life where you are enough. It’s time to know you are ENOUGH’ and live in harmony with your own magnificence.

Ready to start?

You can book in your session right here. I can’t wait to work with you!!

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