The Power Of a Morning Ritual

The power of a Morning Ritual

Starting the day with a gentle self care ritual is a powerful way to nurture yourself and take ongoing responsibility for maintenance of your own inner world. It is the way to start the day in a mindful way.

It is a positive way of entering the world after being in a dream state and powerfully aligns you with what you want to manifest internally and externally during your day. The accumulation of this ongoing practice results in a greater sense of connection to you Whole Self. 

Through ritual you are calling in the experiences and qualities you want to connect with in your daily life. It creates momentum, focus, gratitude and appreciation. It nourishes and up lifts, even on those low days. When it’s simple, your ritual can be done anywhere and any time. 

A ritual is easy, quick and feels good. If it’s not, then change it. It must resonate with you for you to have the motivation to do it consistently. Be flexible with your ritual and find out what works for you. This is all about you!!

A ritual creates consistency because you are filling your attention with love and trust. Love for your self and trust that you are worth these moments of pure attention, even if it’s only 5 minutes.

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Not sure where to start?

Here are some of my favourite ways to start the day.

  • Gently move in the sheets of your bed waking your body up to the sensation on your skin.
  • Feel each part of your body and say “I love you”
  • Allow your hands to instinctively position themselves along your midline. They may be together or in different places. Give this place attention and breath into it.
  • State….’I allow love to flow through me, nourishing me and all those I encounter today’
  • Pull an angel or goddess card for guidance.
  • Humming and counting to engage left and right brain hemispheres.
  • Listen to a short meditation. Purchase here.
  • Breath into each chakra cleansing and clearing it.
  • Brush you teeth with complete awareness of the process. Be present.
  • “Today I welcome….New friendships, belly laughter, joyful gazes, present moment awareness’, unexpected opportunities, open hearted conversations, calmness and clarity”. The list goes on and on.
  • Listen to a song and sing along. Be mindful of the quality of the music you choose. Make sure it up lifts you.
  • Drink a warm lemon water for purification and detoxification.
  • Smile whilst in the shower.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier to allow a slow paced start to the day.
  • Write in a journal. About anything!!
  • These are just some of the ways I personally start my day.

The wonderful thing about creating a ritual is that they are flexible. Create one that feel right for you. You’re the boss here.

Enjoy XX

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