Language enhances or depletes vital life energy 

Bla Bla Bla Torquay Kinesiology

Yes language is that important.

This is one of the CHEAPEST ways you can start to create change in your inner and outer word.

Start today by ‘speaking’ the change you want to see in your world.

Make a commitment to start languaging all of life, as you want it.

Be consistent and determined in the face of how uncomfortable others may be by your new found optimism.
The language we use has life energy.

For example ….

When I say…..

“I hate my my life
Using muscle monitoring I can measure the life energy I have in relation to this statement.

For me, this statement depletes my life energy to 1%.

Alternatively when I say…..

“Life could be better”                 My life energy increases to 62%

But when I say

“I am responsible for my  life”.       My life energy increases to 93%

Your body is an indicator of your energy. So tune into it and allow it to feedback what you need to know about how you relate to yourself and the out world  through your language

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