A Wound of the Spirit

Many of us have experienced deep and painful wounds, some so painful we have blocked them out of our conscious memory.

This suppression mechanism helps to serve us by “controlling” the pain, but it does not stop the suffering playing out quietly in other areas of our lives.

The body creates an automatic avoidance strategy that primarily aims to help protect us. What this also does is, prevent us thinking, acting and being our authentic self because the program plays out without conscious choice…. We are at no choice.

These adaptions are not intended to ruin our lives…..even though they may be.  They are our bodies way of protecting us. Our body recognises the threat like it did in the original wound and rolls the same tape that creates the same result….safety.

A wound of the spirit affects the depths of our being and without love, nurture and recognition being afforded to that part of ourselves it keeps crying out for attention in unresourceful ways.

In the same way a crying baby is soothed through love and attention the wounds of our being are too. A baby is not define by its cry therefor we must not define ourselves by these wounds, instead give them the love and attention they need to feel a part of us.

I ask you

Have you acknowledged your wounds?

Are you willing to love and nurture them?

Why beliefs do you have about yourself and life because of your wounds?

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