We each wear masks that hide our authentic self. 

These masks are the adaptions we have learned to fit in, to be acceptable. We have all looked for and found acceptance and validation outside of ourselves…it’s been safer that way. 

We become the people pleaser, the rebell, the extrovert funny guy and life feels ‘ok’ because we think we are accepted and connected. But we don’t FEEL it. 

These masks keep us from truly connecting to our essential being, from truly coming home and being present to ourselves. 

The elusive state of happiness is glimpsed but not obtained consistency because we externalise and think what will make us happy is others being happy around us or we’ll be happy if we can just be more like…….

Removing the masks is striping back all the old programming. Healing the wounds of the past that taught us that we had to be only one way. 

We must learn and come to know that our own unique way is the way, the only way. Embracing the being that we are at our core gives us life so we can return to a state of whole ness.

I ask you…….

Who did you have to be in your family to be accepted?

Who did you have to be at school to be accepted?

Now you know your masks it’s time to remove them and be you, just you…..because you are enough without them . 

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