Get out of your own way. 

The power of this is being unattached to the outcome. 
I am a very creative person and will often have nights of creative energy flow where life just pours out of me. I create programs and packages, new protocols and crazy beautiful visions of my future. 
My old strategy was to get really excited about it, have a plan of how I would put it into action, then give up on it because I would be scared of how it would be received……. Really I was super scared I’d be rejected! 
Having my proposals or ideas denied back then was too much for me……. I attached my worth to my ideas. I decided that to get a ‘no’ meant I was unwanted, no smart enough or again someone or something else was better. I was expecting a ‘no’ and allowed this to prevent my growth. 
I no longer do this. I made a decision to get out of my own way. To get out of life’s way. I detached myself from the outcome of how my creative self was received. 
I now welcome ‘yes’  and ‘no’ equally. I now act, not out of fear but out of curiosity. 

I allow life to move through 
I ask you…
How are you doing this in your life?

What are you hiding from for fear of rejection?

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