Mensturating with the Moon

Aligning your menstrual cycle with the moon.

Traditionally women’s menstrual cycles were in sync with the moon. Yes, all women ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon. This is the blueprint for the female cycle and how it was before industrialism and processed ‘everything’ began disturbing
our bodies and our natural cycle

Although science may not completely understand the interconnectedness of the moon and menstruation….. yet…. we all feel it…..well especially women.

The benefits of a synchonised cycle

Now days, random length and painful periods are a commonality.  They’re conditions that are often treated with “The Pill” or even anti depressants. Todays lifestyle means that many women neglect their bodies and end up taking in way too many chemicals, prescription medications and antibiotics. They are instructed to use The Pill for more than just contraception, they eat too much refined food and experience extreme emotional stress and more. The female body is out of balance on more than just the physical level. This is evident in the growing number of women experiencing conception challenges and major PMS issues created by hormonal imbalances.

So what affects Hormonal Imbalance?

Well many things do, but one thing you may not have reaslied is that artifical light messes with our hormones.  It’s widely known that the blue light from electronic device screens like iphone, computers and ipads disrupts melatonin, wreaking havoc on our sleep cycles. What is even more interesting and even less known, is that our bodies are so sensitive to light patterns that we women can manipulate other hormones by controlling the light at night. This is because our melatonin levels help control the hormones that regulate our periods. Fertility specialist and author Kate Singer says………

‘The hypothalamus gland, also located in the brain, is richly supplied with melatonin receptors. This gland regulates your body’s overall homeostasis, including things like blood pressure, emotions, temperature, and the endocrine (hormonal) system […] if the hypothalamus doesn’t receive sufficient melatonin, its ability to regulate the hormonal system will be impaired.

So the Moon, Menstruation, Hormones and Light……… that’s where it is at! Being as clever as we are, we can apply the lighting patterns of the moon to our own sleeping space to reorganise our cycles with this natural pattern of mother nature.  In doing so we can create regular periods and balance our melatonin production.

As a result you’ll notice more energy, a more balanced emotional state, easier weight management, less PMS symptoms, and more.

The night lighting method, plus a healthy diet and lifestyle, support a healthy cycle and has the potential to improve many types of  female hormonal imbalances, including polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, painful periods and more.

Who can benefit by cycling with the moon?

Every women, but in particular these lovely ladies may find it to be especially helpful:

You’ve been on The Pill…ever
You skip periods

You’re periods are irregular in their time and length.
you’re having fertility is an issue
You have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
You have hormonal problems, like hypothyroidism

Where it all started: Lunaception

In the 70s, the book lunception was published by Louise Lacey which introduced the concept of manipulating light to regulate the menstrution cycles.  Louise experienced very irregular cycles after going off the pill so she began researching and discovered how light affects our hormones. Kate Singer explains:

Lacey found that sleeping in complete darkness except for three nights each cycle (when she slept with a 40-watt bulb under a lampshade or with a 75-watt bulb beaming a shaft of light from a nearby bathroom (essentially mimicking full-moon light) triggered ovulation. She called the technique Lunaception, and found that it could be used to direct her fertility–and that of her women friends. By avoiding intercourse on the days they slept with light, Louise Lacey and 27 of her friends developed regular, healthy menstrual cycles, and used Lunaception to avoid pregnancy effectively until menopause.

How to regulate your cycles with night lighting.

This lighting technique will help regulate your cycles and balance your hormones. To me, the most ideal way of beginning this is to simply aim for the re alignment of the cycle with the moon first and then begin the gentle pocess of identifying ovulation. As you will be realigning your body with the natural flow of Mother Nature the obvious sysmptoms of ovulation may be more identifyable

Lighting the way

Step 1

Make your bedroom completely dark!! That’s no light at all!! This may mean blacking out windows and doors. You shouldn’t be able to see anything even after your eyes adjust to the darkness. Pssst a sleeping mask is not a substitue as your body uses other senses to monitor light.  If you need to go to the toilet use a red light in the bathroom this will not interfer with your re alignment.

Step 2   Night Lighting

Sleep in total darkness until it’s time for the 3 days of night lighting. Light your room with a plug in nightlight or leave a hallway light on.

Step 3 When to Night Light

Night light the night before the full moon                                                                                                                               The night of the full moon
The night after the full moon.

I trust this will inspire you to reconnect with mother nature and your natural way of being xx


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