How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives

A quote by Reshad Field
A quote by Reshad Field

 Ask yourself:   What are the patterns of my life? What has reoccurred over and over again? Try to create a detailed list of significant events and experiences considering your work, social, family, financial and love life. Now attach a dominant emotion or emotions to each event or experience you have had. Remember these emotions are your own, so think about how you felt.

Are there any common emotions starting to emerge? Are patterns starting to become  more obvious?

Now you are aware of some of the dominant emotions of your life, it’s time to challenge the view of how they came to be. Traditionally, the easiest way to deal with things that don’t go our way is to look for someone to blame: we attach ourselves to cause and effect. For example ‘If my boss treated me better, I would enjoy my job more. If we could make more money, I would have more opportunities. If my parents had stayed together, my relationship wouldn’t be so dysfunctional.”

This tendency to give our power away to someone else- our boss, husband, wife or money, keeps us stuck in old patterns. It’s these patterns that become the uncomfortable norm of our lives. If we believe that someone else is responsible, we are powerless in the present moment to change the unfolding of our future.

You are not powerless. With action and awareness, change is inevitable.

In this moment take responsibility. Take your power back from everyone you have given it away to over the years. End blaming others for how life has turned out for you. Instead ask yourself…..

“What do I believe about myself and life?” Do you believe no one ever appreciates you? Or love must be learned rather than authentically created? The more aware you become of the creative power of beliefs, the more enthusiasm you will have to change them. When you have a belief, whether it’s positive or negative, life simply provides the evidence to support it. If life seemingly only serves up challenges, what beliefs are creating this reality? The universe doesn’t discriminate, it just responds to what your dominant thoughts are.

Give yourself permission to imagine for a minute what life would be like without these beliefs. Expand this image, so that instead of thinking about it for a minute, let it become the only way you think about yourself. Align this new way of thinking, with a new way of feeling.

Be kind to yourself during this process of renewal. Our life journey will not always be smooth and we’re not looking for perfection. Rather, it is the way we choose to respond to these times that facilitates the most growth and can potentially lead our lives in the most inspiring directions.

Love and Light

Attalia XXX

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