Making Gratitude A Daily Practice

An important part of my daily routine is to wind up my day with my gratitude journal. Each night I take a few minutes to sit and reflect on what has happened in my day, listing all the things I have to be grateful for. At first this may seem like a challenge, especially if your day has been less than perfect, but I promise persistence and dedication pays off.

For me, by acknowledging daily blessings and sitting in the feeling of gratitude, appreciation and love my day is filled with endless gifts. My experience in keeping a journal has shown me that when my mind is in the routine of looking for the higher energy pattern, more of these good experiences come to me. I also deliberatly activate these thought patterns before I go to sleep taking them into my dream state. Gratitude is an emotion with the power to modify attitudes and behaviors.

The science of gratitude. Did you know that words and feelings have measureable vibrations? So the words we assign to an experience effect our overall life energy.  The prominent author David R. Hawkins M.D., PhD carried out an extensive investigation into contrasting pairs of qualities. Some examples of these are appreciative- envious, cheerful- manic, leading-coercing etc. Through muscle testing, each word was measured and a numerical calibration identified. The results showed that positive language and expressions have a calibration of over 200, while negative or weak patterns had a calibration less than 200. Put simply, when we step into fear, anger or hate, our vibration is lowered. From my experience the times when I may feel these emotions, the sensations in my body alone is enough to tell me they are lowering my life energy.

But there’s good news!!! Gratitude and fear CANNOT exist simultaneously?  You are either in a state of gratitude or fear. Knowing this, we then have  greater power to choose our state more consciously.

The next time you are in a state that feels contrary to your ideal self, take a moment to observe the feeling and consciously step into gratitude. Make a choice and take action.

How to get started

Make a conscious decision to become happier and more grateful!!

Choose a beautiful note book and keep it beside your bed. Be creative about where you keep it. If the bathroom is better put it there.

Use a new page for a new day or one for the week.

Elaborate in detail about particular things for which you are grateful.

Explore a diverse range of things you are grateful for. These will have the  greatest impact on your thinking. It’s not just about the things, but the people, moments and experiences you encounter.

Stuck for ideas? Consider what your life might be like without certain blessings.

Record events that were unexpected or surprising.

Have fun and don’t let your journal become a chore. If daily is too much, do a one a week.

Finally, while you are writing, align yourself with the ‘feeling’. Allow it to fill your being!

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