Attalia Egerton


Conscious Empowered Living 

Energy Balancing for the Modern-Mindful Person

When you meet Attalia you’re immediately welcomed by her calm and caring nature, open and attentive she creates a space to be seen and truly heard. Her natural curiosity inspires a deeper look at the messages of the body and of life.

Attalia’s approach to health and wellbeing is to support her clients to explore their inner world as the direct tool for creating change in their outer world. By encouraging her clients to be gently curious about what life is showing them, they can then develop the resources needed to take responsibility for themselves and therefore create change.

Attalia is most interested in supporting clients feel balanced and connected. To meet life from a balanced physical, mental and emotional state and to be fully connected to our true spiritual nature is Attalia’s soul work.

“Life has a spiritual purpose and we are invited to experience this journey through our senses. If we suppress, repress or escape what we are experiencing we are not living fully and life becomes dull and full of painful triggers. Although at times this way of coping is necessary for surivival, by liberating the body from stress; both old and new, it has the best chance of restoring itself to homeostasis”



Attalia works with people who may be experiencing:

Stress, Anxiety and Depression          Emotional hypersenstivity

Exhaustion                                              Immune system issues – including thyroid health

Poor memory                                          Low libido

Low immunity                                        Low stress tolerance and overwhelm

As well as those who may:

Not allow others to nurture them      Always be hard on yourself

Never feel like they’re enough     Struggle to integrate change

Have emotional conflicts with your family and loved ones

Get stuck in old patterns of self sabotaging


Attalia works with both women, men and children and offers in person sessions and skype consultations.  Attalia is passionate about helping clients move from the sensations of stuckness, disconnection, depletion, confusion and resignation to an experience of life where there is ease and flow, connection, growth, trust and power.  

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