Attalia Egerton


Conscious Empowered Living 

Energy Balancing for the Modern-Mindful Person

Hi, I’m Attalia Egerton and I am a qualified PKP Kinesiologist,  Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and Educator.

I am passionate about supporting you to create the life of your dreams. By going deep within, major transformation happens. This allows you to truly know your infinite value, to love yourself  to the deepest depths and to live life authentically, at peace with yourself and your journey so far

I specialise in facilitating transformational change for women who want inner harmony, freedom and balance.

Presently you may feel confused about your worth and wonder if anything you do is enough. You may be frustrated about your life and how nothing seems to go right and how nothing seems to work.  You may have resigned yourself to a mediocre life, not trusting your ability to create the life that you truly want. You may feel lost and trapped by your past, unable to see a future that inspires you. You may have low energy and truly struggle to get through your day.

If you want…………

To create the life of your dreams through conscious manifestation….. this is for you.

If you want…………

To be free from limiting beliefs and self sabotaging habits…… this is for you

If you want………...

To have greater emotional balance and inner peace and harmony…… this is for you.

If you want…………

More energy, vitality and vest for life……….. this is for you.

If you want…………

Clarity in life path, transitions, motivation and direction………… this is for you.

If you want…………

To restore a deep sense of calm and trust in yourself and the world………….. this is for you.

If you want…………

Greater confidence and enhanced self esteem………… this is for you.

Empower yourself today and take a step towards creating Whole Self Harmony by booking now

It’s time to be a participant in your own healing. It’s time to take discerning action and trust in the unfolding of your authentic self, because this is where true happiness and contentment lies.

I consult on Tuesday from 10am to 8.30pm at Jan Juc Chiropractic and Sports Clinic located at 1 Stuart Ave, Jan Juc.

For Bookings at Jan Juc please call (03) 52647477

I consult on Thursday amy home clinic space in Torquay.

For bookings for this day please call 0431229166

Payment options made easy via credit card, cash or direct deposit.

Nurturing and Empowering Woman

of the Surf Coast, Torquay, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula

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